How To Install RV Cover

Publish on 2019-11-24 | 1994

Use extreme caution when installing this cover. For your safety installation of this cover is to be done by at least 2 adults on a dry,non windy day. Trailer’s roof must be dry. Also make sure the roof of the RV is either metal, fiberglass o rubber. These covers will work for any these roof styles. Never tow your trailer when the travel trailer cover is in use, not even for short distances.


Pros and Cons of Using a RV cover For Winter

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A recreational vehicle, often known as RV, is a motor vehicle which is used for accommodating.The main function of rv cover is to protect the RV from snow and dust. Hex Auto Parts has the best RV cover for snow, which is made of waterproof and UV resistance non-woven fabrics and easy to cover or take down.