1994-2012 Honda Accord Starter Diagnosis & Troubleshooting Tips

December 4, 2023

What are the symptoms of a bad honda accord starter?

Before discuss the signs of a bad starter,we should learn about every starter needs the correct voltage and amperage to crank the engine running.To do this,it has to meet the following conditions.


-The battery is in good condition and fully charged

-The battery and cable connections are in good condition

-The starter has a good ground connection

-All electrical cables are in good condition and not corroded


Any of these issues can cause slow or no cranking which will not start the engine. They can even cause internal damage to the starter. If nothing happens on your accord when you set the ignition switch in the start position, it could signal a variety of issues with a variety of components:

-Starter solenoid is compromised

-Battery cables are loosen or corroded

-Battery become weak even dead

-Starter has failed completely

-Open circuits in the ignition or starter circuit wiring

-Transmission linkage has a neutral safety switch and the vehicle is not in neutral or the switch is faulty


Before determining if you need a new or replacement accord starter from Hex Auto Parts, make sure you check and inspect these elements.


Battery: This should be the first thing you look at. Make certain the battery has enough voltage power to turn on the starter. A battery with no juice can't generate the volts or amps needed to start the engine.

Cable and Connections: Your battery can be in excellent condition and your starter perfectly fine, but if the cables and connections between aren't good, you're still going to have a problem. Make sure connections are all solid and there is no corrosion. Also make sure that the cables are not corroded inside.

Cranking Speed: Usually, an engine cranks at around 200-250 rpm. If your engine cranks at that speed but doesn't start, there's a good chance your starter and starting circuit is okay. One more test you can perform is a no-load free running test.


Here's how to run it:

-Remove the starter from the accord

-Support the starter in a large bench vice

-Use a battery & jumper cables to power the starter

-Hook the negative cable to the starter housing & the positive cable to the positive lead

-Jumper the battery positive terminal to the solenoid ignition terminal

Most starter motors spin around 2500-3000 rpm.If yours turns slowly or not at all, you need a new accord starter replacement.


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As we all know,a defective starter can be caused by many factors.Here is a sign-causes-solution chart to help you have a quick and easy way to fix common accord starter problems.

Signs of a bad starter



Starter does not stop running

Damaged pinion or ring gear

Check gears for wear and tear

Faulty plunger in magnetic switch

Test starter pull-in and hold-in coils

Poor ignition switch or control circuit

Check switch and circuit elements

Ignition key keeps binding

Check key for damage

Makes a loud noise

Bad Starter Drive Gear

Check gears for wear or spin

Bad Starter Solenoid

Check the lines and replace the starter solenoid only

Bendix Clutch Dust Contamination

There is dust and resolve itself in a short time

Dead Battery

Replace a new battery

Starter does not engage or disengage as it should

Malfunctioning magnetic switch

Bench test the starter

Damaged or worn pinion gear or ring gear

Check gears and replace as needed


Honda Accord is not only a family of means of transport to work, but also become a modern family home travel companion. We can't afford to have it in the shop for very long,so if we can diagnose what may be going wrong with it it will save much time and effort.Hope this blog will be helpful for all accord owners.

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