How To Replace Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

December 8, 2023

A control arm is a suspension link that connects the wheel hub and steering knuckles to the chassis. If your car control arm worn out, damaged or bent, the vehicle is not safe to drive. Some cars, such as Honda Accord and many Trucks have four control arms, two upper control arms and two lower control arms. Control arms are connected to the frame or body through flexible control arm bushings, and the outed end of a control arm has a ball joint. A ball joint is an extremely important component. If it wears out, the car is unsafe: the front wheel can separate from the lower suspension causing the vehicle to lose control.


When To Replace Control Arms?

  • When accelerating and turning from low speed, you feel a shaking or shimmying of the steering wheel.
  • Clunking Noise when your car going around corners, particularly at low speeds. It is symptom of possible problems with control arm bushings or ball joint.
  • Wheel Movement is an obvious symptom of a failing control arm. When accelerating from a stop, the car erratically changes steering direction. If you place your hands on the wheel and push it, you will feel more of a wobble. This is likened to the same symptoms of a bad CV joint or ball joint.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace A Control Arm and Bushing?

If you were to take your car into a repair garage or the dealer to have a control arm replaced parts and labor would cost you between $280.00 and $350.00 (US) per side depending on the manufacturer. If you are replacing the arm yourself you can get an replacement arm from online store or the local parts store for between $44.00 and $95.00 (US) each.


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Prepared :

You will need to start by removing the wheel and jacking the car up while supporting it on jack stands.Verify that the control arm or bushings are faulty.


How Control Arm Replacement Done?

  1. The vehicle is raised on a lift.Use the jack to bring the front part of the car up and then replace them with jack stands.
  2. The front wheels are removed. Take out the wheels and the nuts set them aside.
  3. The control arm is disconnected where the bushes join the sway bar
  4. The lower ball joint is disconnected from the wheel hub and steering knuckle
  5. Removed control arm from the vehicle frame.Remove the control arm, including the shims, if it uses one, and place them on the ground together. This is to make it easier to place them back the way they were removed.
  6. Installed the new control arm.Make sure that you do this fast because the bushings will stick to the control arm.
  7. Wheels are replaced and must be realigned

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