How To Change Brake Pads on ATV?

December 8, 2023

What are brake pads used for?

Brake pads are critical in braking system,the friction between the brake pads and brake discs plus the tires and the ground make the kinetic energy convert into heat energy,then slow down your ATV or bring it to a stop.But atv brake pads don’t last forever and will wear out gradually because of daily use.


What causes brake pads to wear quickly?

The main causes of brake pads worn out is various defects in the disc brake assembly,for example,sticky caliper sliding pins,jammed pistons and deformation of caliper because of high braking forces.Besides,the brake pads don’t glide smoothly in the brake calliper will produce uneven brake pad wear then resulting in pads wearing quickly.Anyway,if you notice the uneven wear or hear the unnormal the friction sound from your wheel,it’s time to replace pads.


How much does it cost to replace brake pads?

The brake pads replacement cost depend on pads material and atv model.Generally speaking,a set of front brake pads or rear brake pads from $5-$30,some up to a couple of hundred dollars.


How to Change brake pads on ATV?

Tools you will need : Torque wrench,Jack,C-Clamp,Socket,Allen Set

Five Steps:


Loosening up the bolts then removing the stock caliper and inside pins.Then taking the old pads out.


Getting some brake cleaner and spraying out on pistons.Using towel or old toothbrush to clean the brake and piston.


Using c-clamp to compress the piston in and installing brand new brake pads replacement into the caliper.


Making sure brake pads replacement does settle inside of shims and tightening all pins.Next installing the caliper onto the spindle and re-installing bolts.

5.Riding Test

Riding your ATV very light on the brakes for 10-15 minutes,not going too hard or glazing the system then start your first ride.


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