How to Replace the Alternator in a Honda Accord 2.4L 2008-2012

November 15, 2023

In this article we share how to quickly and effectively replace a Honda Accord Alternator. The alternator installation job takes roughly 1 hour even less. Besides honda accord, this tutorial will also work for honda civic,honda crv and honda odyssey.


Tools Needed To Change Alternator Honda Accord

-10mm socket

-12mm socket

-14mm wrench with cheater bar

-torque wrench

-130 amp alternator (part# 11390 )


How to Replace the Alternator in a Honda Accord 2.4L 2008-2012

Step 1: Inspection

Use a 10mm socket to disconnect the battery wires and make sure to replace the alternator with voltage.


Step 2: Take Down

Use a 14mm wrench with a handle extension to relax the tension on the tensioner pulley. Slide the belt off of the power steering pulley, then release the tension and remove the serpentine belt.


Step 3: Remove

Remove all wires from the old alternator and use a 12mm socket to loosen the bolts (need to keep for use).


Step 4: Replace

Replace the alternator with a new hexautoparts alternator, tighten the bolt via a torque wrench and screw the wire (check the pulley is aligned with the belt tensioner).


Step 5: Check & Use

Connect the battery cable and start the vehicle to make sure it is charging.


Helpful Tip:

-Finding enough space in front of the alternator to get to the bolts without scratching up hands.

-Take care not to drop the 10mm nut when you install new alternator,as it is easy to do.

-When to shop alternator replacement online,the compatibility information is for reference, please make sure the OEM Part Number is the same as the number of your bad alternator one.

More high amp alternators for cars are available here: Auto Engines & Performance Alternators

-When you get the new accord alternator, verify that the connections and the plug slots are the same as the existing one.

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