How To Install Lowering Shackles On F150

November 13, 2023

What Do Drop Shackles Do?

Rear Lowering Shackle Kit can lowers the center of gravity,improves handling,maintains factory ride quality and improves the look of your vehicle.

When your lowering shackles rust or fall off and cannot provide the corresponding performance, it is recommended to replace them in time. Hexautoparts has 2 inch drop shackles f150 and 3 inch drop shackles f150 for sale,they are perfectly matched with OE parts, easy to install, and can be replaced directly with confidence.

Lowering 2-3 inch Drop Shackles For Ford F150

Lowering 1-2 inch Drop Shackles For Ford F150


How To Install Drop Shackles F150?

F150 drop shackle install is roughly about an hour time,in a word,pull your stock shackles and replace them with our adjustable shackles.

1. Install on both sides at the same time, you need to jack up the rear of the vehicle

2. Use a jack to support the rear axle

3. Remove the lower shackle bolt

4. Remove the upper shackle bolts

5. Apply grease to the bushing

6. Install the new shackle

7.Install the wheels

Follow above f150 drop shackle install steps,you can make your ford successfully drop 1-2 inches or 2-3 inches,depending on which drop shackles you choose as well as the bolt hole you install them on.


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