How To Install A Starter

November 13, 2023

Starter is an electronic device that lets the crankshaft turning to start your vehicle.

Here is the starter function.

Smooth start

Safe and reliable

Start quickly

Noise reduction

Simple installation

Water proof

If you are experiencing car won’t start,most likely your starter is bad. As a professional autoparts seller, HexAutoParts adheres to the vision of "a leader in auto distributors" and is determined to provide everyone with high-quality autoparts. From starters, brake rotors, control arms and so on, it covers all car series in the American market, as well as various modified parts and OEM parts. Hexautoparts will be give you a better driving experience.


Why You Choice US

Hexautoparts Starter vs. Others

  • Premium Magnets more torque and fast starts
  • Sealed Bearings lock out moisture and grime 
  • Good Performance faster and safer startup
  • High Quality High quality materials and advanced technology
  • Low Temp Resistance adaptable to low temperature
  • Widely Applicable Not only does it meet your needs,but it exceeds your expectations


How To Install Starter 

Step 1: Install the new starter relay by hand.Match up the metal or copper blades at the bottom of the relay with their correct slot in the PDC. Then place the new starter relay in position and gently push down on it until it seats itself completely back into the PDC.  

Step 2: Re-install the cover for the power distribution center and then remove the tape from the battery cable's terminal.   

Step 3: Connect the cable back to the battery and tighten its bolt until snug.Set your 3/8-inch drive torque wrench to 12 ft-lbs.And then completely secure the battery cable in place. Fire up the engine to test it.     


-Since all starters for sale on are aftermarket starter replacement, you should find your starter's OEM Part Number firstly,which was could be easily found on the your stock one.As long as the part number matches,our starter will fit and works well. 

-When you receive your new starter replacement from us, compare the new starter to verify it will fit. Some replacement starters do not appear identical but will have the same fit, form and function as the original (old) uni

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