How to Choose Correct Wheel Lug Nuts Size or Wheel Locks for Your Car?

December 8, 2023

 What do wheel lug nuts do?

Wheel lug nuts are fastener,which play an important role in securing wheels attached the hub. Without them,your Jeep Wrangler or Chevy Silverado couldn’t move.The goal of this guide is to introduce wheel lug nut size and how to buy correct lug nut replacement at great price.

How to buy correct lug nut key replacement for your car ?


Thread includes the thread size and the thread pitch.The thread size is the measurement taken across the outside diameter of your wheel stud threads measured in either standard or metric dimensions. The thread pitch is the measurement of either threads per inch for non-metric studs or the distance in millimeters between the threads for metric applications. For example,M12 x 1.5 means ,the pitch is 1.5mm and the thread diameter is 12mm.The most common thread sizes are 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 1/2" and 9/16".


To ensure a prefect fit for both safety and appearance,it is very important to confirm the dimensions of your lug nuts,including the outside diameter, overall length,shank diameter and shank depth.

•Seat Type

The seat type means the area where the lug nuts actually makes contact with the wheel surface. The most common types in the current market are an acorn/tapered seat, a mag seat and a ball seat (See the difference from the above picture )


There are many color wheel lug nuts,someone need chrome lug nuts while others need black lug nuts even red extended lug nuts,it depends on your preferences as well as the color of your car.

Buying locking lug nuts on Hexautoparts ?

Lug Nuts Black Spline Lug Nuts Chrome Acorn Lug Nuts Mag Lug Nuts
Thread:12mm x 1.5 Thread:m14 x 1.5 Thread:14 x 2 Thread:m14 x 1.5
Quantity: 20 pieces Quantity: 24 pieces + 2 Locking Wheel Nut Keys Quantity: 24 pieces Quantity: 24 pieces
Orde Now! Orde Now! Orde Now! Orde Now!


  Different Types Of Lug Nuts Chart

Brand New and High Quality:We provide wheels lug nuts for sale separately,also with locking ( key ),including 20/23/24/32 pieces as a set.Our lug nuts and locks are available in a wide variety of finishes and colors including chrome,black,which is very popular and make your wheels or tires look cool.You could choose different types of lug nut on oem wheels here at the least cost of lug nuts.

Location,Fast shipping : We are American seller and our warehouse is located in Texas, USA,which can save much time on shipping and the delivery time depends on where you live.Generally speaking, you just need wait for 3-5 days to receive your lug nuts.You could visit Hex Auto Parts Review on to see more shopping experience.

Free Shipping and Warranty Offered:We offer free shipping for each order of in the continental United States and competitively priced aftermarket lug nut replacement.If you do experience any issues with your lug nuts,please do not hesitate to contact us,so we can help through the included Six Months Warranty for your product.

Note: Please take proper measurements and check the specifications of your stock lug nuts before you purchasing .

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