Guide to Lawn Mower Transmission

January 11, 2024

What is a lawn mower transmission?

The transmission has a significant role to play, because it adjusts the engine gears for a better drive, movement and speed in a vehicle. No matter what lawn mower is,it also needs a decent transmission system for working on various types of terrain.

How do lawn mower transmissions work?

A Lawn Mower Transmission is what transmits the power from the engine to the wheels and is responsible for managing the vehicle's speed by altering its torque depending on the conditions.

Transmission Types

Here are the two common types of transmissions for a riding lawn mower and a lawn tractor:

Manual Transmissions:

Advantages of a manual transmission:


-Control the speed by yourself

-Better for hauling

Disadvantages of a manual transmission:

-Horrible for steep turns or inclines

-Not suitable for uncoordinated individuals

Hydrostatic Transmissions:

Advantages of a hydrostatic transmission

-Preset a controlled speed

-Easier to use

-Little maintenance is required

Disadvantages of a hydrostatic transmission:

-More expensive than a traditional system

How do I know if my lawn mower transmission is bad?

Watch the transmission carefully when the engine is running. If the pulley is spinning, and the wheels aren't turning, the transmission is bad.If this is broken, it's time to buy a new transmission for your mower.

Buy transmission replacement on Hexautoparts

Hex Auto Parts has 5 speed transmission or 4 speed transmission for sale,fit Gravely,Peerless,Exmark,Ariens,Toro,Scag and more vehicles.Our transmission is a great alternative if you dont want to spend $300-$400 for any other.

  • Made From Heat-Treated Steel: Can be mounted on either side of transmission
  • Specially Formulated Transmission Grease: Provides superior lubrication and performance
  • Die Cast Aluminum Housing: Offers outstanding heat dissipation and durability,oil-impregnated bushings,with needle bearings on input shaft
  • Oil-impregnated Bushings: With needle bearings on input shaft
  • Neutral Start Capability: Allows the installation of a switch to sense if unit is in gear or in neutral
  • Specially Formulated Transmission Grease: Provides superior lubrication and performance
  • Heat-treated Gears Process: Ensures maximum durability

How to buy correct mower transmission?

You can find your mower part number and match it the number on our listing, it should work if they are the same.

Hope this guide can help you determine which types of transmission will give you a nice, smooth ride and allow you to make a well-reasoned decision for where to buy transmission.

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