Why Choose Hexautoparts Upgrade Control Arms?

January 9, 2024

Why Are Control Arms Important?

Control arms provide both a connection and pivot point between your vehicle’s suspension and chassis. Typically linking a steering knuckle to the body frame, control arms feature ball joints and bushings which work in tandem to retain correct wheel tracking and position. For example, a lower control arm assists in setting the longitudinal and lateral position of the wheel while the vehicle is in motion. This reduces transmitted noise, road shock and vibration while providing resistance to unwanted suspension movement.

What Are The Components Of a Control Arm Kit?

Hexautoparts control arms suspension kit include bushing,ball joint,control arm,sway bar,tie rod end and sway bar links.

When To Change Bad Suspension Control Arm Kit         


Clun​king Noise​:

If you hear a loud clunking sound coming from underneath your vehicle, usually following a bump, a hard turn or braking.


Excessive vibration maybe felt in the steering wheel when the wheels rapidly wobble. 

Symptoms of bad or failing control arms


Steerin​g Wander:

Pulling to the right or left without input from the steering wheel and need a continuous correction to make the vehicle straight.

Why Choose Hex Auto Parts Suspension Control Arm Kit

Bonded Bushings

Effectively absorb bumps on the road, control the movement of control arms and reduce noise and vibration, providing a smooth ride.  

High-Strength Structure

Electrophoretic coating, corrosion and wear resistant, high torsional strength, increased durability and stability. 

Pre-Greased Ball Joint

Ball joints were lubricated and filled enough grease to make sure direct use and without modification.

Competitive Control Arm Price

Factory direct and no middleman,so our control arms with ball joints typically priced significantly less than OEM dealers.Almost everybody can afford to buy hexautoparts suspension parts,it helps save control arm with ball joint cost.

No Tax No Core Charge

There is no sales tax for orders shipped to other states except Texas. Our price is much cheaper than you order on Ebay,Amazon or other auto parts online. You can find there is no core charge when paying. This policy can save you from the inconvenience of having to package and ship the core back.

Price Match Guarantee

If you find our authorized retail stores, like eBay or Amazon advertising the same product at a lower price (including shipping and handling), contact us directly and we’ll work with you to verify the price, and refund the difference of prices to you after confirmed.

After Installing Hexautoparts Suspension Control Arm Kit,you’ll get...

Easy steering control

Protection of tire tread

No noise when braking

Keep the car smooth

Six-month warranty

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