How To Adjust a PTO Clutch

November 30, 2023

How Does a PTO Clutch Work?

A power take off clutch(PTO), is the part of a lawnmower or riding tractor responsible for engaging the blade. The electric clutch helps to transfer engine power to the drive train.The clutch connects two drive shafts and is controlled by a toggle switch.In a word,the PTO function is what engages the mower blades of the lawn tractor. Many lawn tractors, particularly John Deere riding mowers, use a PTO clutch.


How Will You Know Your PTO Clutch Needs Adjustment?

As the lawn tractor engine ages, the PTO clutch can start to slip. This causes the mower deck to cut less efficiently and at a lower quality. If you notice a rapid decline in the standard of your mowing, it could very well mean your PTO clutch needs adjustment. Another sign your PTO may need checking out is if the mower in your lawn tractor is unresponsive. This could be a sign that the PTO clutch has stopped engaging the mower blades.


How To Adjust Tthe Clutch On A Riding Mower Engine?

Lawn mower engines have a power take-off clutch that eliminates the requirement of a second transmission in order to drive the mower blades. The process is quite simple, four steps to adjust the clutch.

Step 1: Preparing the engine

Ensure your lawn mower is parked on a flat, even surface. The parking brake must be on and the ignition must be off. For safety, you must also ensure that the PTO switch is in the "off" position.

Step 2: Locating the clutch

Check the crankshaft under the engine. You need to know the proper specification and your clutch armature air gap depends on which brand of clutch it is.On the clutch plate will be a sticker, informing you if the clutch is Warner or Ogura. If the sticker says Warner, you’ll want the feeler gauge at 0.51mm. If it says Ogura, the feeler gauge should be at 0.41mm.

Step 3: Making the pto clutch adjustment

In the brake plate directly above the pulley, there should be a slot. Insert your feeler gauge through this slot so the gauge is between the armature and the clutch rotor. Keeping the feeler gauge under the bold directly, tighten the three lock nuts, one at a time.

Step 4: Finishing and testing

Start up the engine again and check the PTO’s engagement of the rotor blades. You may need to tighten or loosen the nuts again in order to get the exact engagement you need.


Pre-installation and ajustment for wear

1. Check key length and height.For clutch with open keyway on field -side race,key may need reduced height.

2. Setting gap towards low range will increase cycle life between adjustments

Caution:do not set gap below minimum or clutch may be damaged.


When you adjust the clutch properly,it also cuts down on the fuel consumption and improves the performance of the mower.Follow these simple steps,you'll be back to cutting grass in no time!Need new pto clutch replacement? Finding the clutch part number located on the clutch and use Hexautoparts PTO Clutch to find the correct one.

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