Electric Clutch Buying Guide: How to Choose Correct PTO Clutch For John Deere Cub Cadet Warner Husqvarna Mowers

December 7, 2023

What is a PTO clutch?

The electric lawnmower clutch,also known as power takeoff clutch (PTO),is an important mower part of lawn mowers or riding tractors.The pto clutch connects two drive shafts and is controlled by a toggle switch, can transfer engine power to the drive train.

How do I know if my Electric PTO clutch is bad?

- Lawn mower blades won't engage

If you find your cub cadet mower blades don’t engage and turn on,it indicates,your old cub cadet clutch is not getting enough power.In this case,you need to have electric pto clutch troubleshooting. Check whether the clutch solenoid is defective or cub cadet electric clutch is defective or worn out. The easy way to test pto clutch is remove the cub cadet deck belt from the pto pulley and try to engage the pto. If it doesn't stall, the clutch is not the problem. If it does stall and can hear a bearing fail in the clutch.Once you have identified the problem, you can considering replacing a new aftermarket pto clutch.

-Incorrect coil resistance

Defective clutch coil causes coil resistance is incorrect, you must replace with new clutch.

When replacing electric pto clutch,it must have an exact pto clutch replacement are specific to their application. The following criteria will help you choose correct aftermarket pto clutch and ensure successful electric pto clutch installation.

Here are the lists of considerations for electric pto selection:

OEM Part Number: The original part number is available on the PTO via a tag number, for example, am119536 on john deere gt275, so you could order am119536 pto clutch as a direct replacement clutch for john deere. This is the most reliable way to find correct clutch for lawn mowers.But if the PTO part number is not available,you could buy lawn mower pto clutch via the specifications.

Crankshaft: The common shaft size are 1" and 1.125". Many homeowners are often mistaken about it when buy new john deere pto clutch.Make sure the crankshaft length of new john deere pto clutch replacement is exactly the same as your original one.

Torque: PTO Clutches are designed according to the engine’s torque rating in ft.lbs. The common rate of PTO clutches are 60,80,105,110,175,200 lb.ft torque.Generally speaking,the higher the horsepower, the higher the torque rating. A clutch rated at 60 (ft-lb) would not last on a 20 HP Engine.

Pulley OD: The pulley diameter and width are important for belt life and performance. The diameter is very critical. If a larger diameter pulley is used, the blade tip speed is increased, making the deck parts run faster than they were designed to run. Incorrect pulley selection can be dangerous and may shorten the parts life.

Rotation: Direction of rotation is another aspect to take into consideration. PTO clutches run in one direction only. Two clutches that look alike may install on the engine differently. Some clutches is CCW while others are CW.(CCW = Counter Clockwise Pulley Away from the Engine,CW = Clockwise Pulley Toward the Engine). When the pulley is closest to the engine, or if the pulley is mounted away from the engine, the internal clutch rotation changes.

Finding the clutch part number located on the clutch and use Hexautoparts PTO Clutch to find the correct part number. Then having these specifications available makes the proper selection of a PTO clutch a simple task.

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