Polaris RZR 800 Axles vs. RZR 800S Axles vs. RZR 4 800 Axles Are They Different ?

December 7, 2023

Polaris Ranger RZR 800, is a nifty off-road machine for hard riding on unwelcoming terrain,RZR 800 features a low seat base paired with front and rear anti-sway bars for superior balance. But when riding as hard as you do, there's no such thing as too much stability. That's why we developed our CV Joint Axle using 4340 chromoly steel which fit to ASTM A29M-2011A, the strength improve more than 30% compared with 40. When you are choosing polaris rzr 800 axles,you will find there are rzr 800s axles and rzr 800 axle two different polaris cv axle. Are they different?

The only difference of Polaris Ranger RZR S 800 and Polaris Ranger RZR 800 is the rev limit is slightly higher and tire size is slightly bigger on the RZR 800s. So ride with polaris rzr 800s seems to be much faster and more powerful on hill climbs.

Polaris Ranger RZR 4 800, is a 4 seater version of the RZR 800. Designed for those who like to go riding with their friends and family these vehicles are built for the social rider. With a low center of gravity and AWD this UTV is designed for fun and safety. Comparing to RZR 800.

Here is the picture of 2012 polaris rzr 800 and 2012 polaris rzr 800s. You can see the a little difference in appearance of rzr 800 and rzr 800s as well as rzr 4 800. They are different UTVs, besides the look,they need different cv joint axles if you hear clicking noises when making a turn or notice other signs and symptoms of a worn and damaged axle.Check out Hexautoparts extensive selection of best aftermarket utv axles for Polaris Ranger RZR.

Best RZR Axles on Hexautoparts

-High Performance Material

1.Bell Frame:The material of bell frame is CF53, strength and abrasion resistance was improved while intermediate frequency after normalization;

2.Axle:We use 4340 Chromoly steel which fit to ASTM A29M-2011A,the strength improve more than 30% compared with 40;

3.Rubber boot: using CR material from DU PONT,Fitting to ATV/UTV many times testing.

-Fast Delivery

HexAutoParts always offer fast shipping for everyone here. Our Axles have been tested to meet or exceed industry standards and provide reliable performance.

- Easy installation

Our cv axle replacement arrives fully assembled including cv boot,inboard and outboard universal CV joints for quick installation. Here is Technical Help For ATV/UTV CV Joint Axle Replacement. We aim to provide best cv axle price and save your effort in replacing and installing Axles.

We have these cv axles chart available makes the proper selection of RZR 800,RZR 4 800 and RZR 4 800 Axles.

RZR Axles Polaris RZR 800 Axles Polaris RZR 800 S Axles Polaris RZR 4 800 Axles
Position: Front Left & Right (Driver & Passenger Side) Rear Left & Right  Front Left/Right (Driver & Passenger Side) Front Left/Right (Driver & Passenger Side)
Polaris RZR Axles
Outer CV Joint External Teeth 26 26 26 26
Inner CV Joint External Teeth 22 27 27 27
Overall Compressed Length 564 570 690 690
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