Technical Help For ATV/UTV CV Joint Axle Replacement

December 7, 2023

When Need to Replace A Bad CV Joint Axle ?

•Noise: Clicking or popping during tight turns.

•Vibration/shaking: Shudder or clunking when accelerating or decelerating.

Before deciding to replace cv joint axles, look for defects in other associated components. If the related components show any signs of wear, such as boots,you could just buy more high-quality boots in you local repair shop then install them,it is better to replace the entire axle assembly.

If a CV joint itself is worn out, it cannot be repaired and it’s time to replace a new one and takes about an hour to complete the installation.


How To Replace and Install ATV Axles

Tools you'll need prepare when removing or replacing CV joint axles

-Floor Jack


-Rubber harmer


-Needle nose pliers

-Screwdrivers and prybar

-Pickle fork (to pop ball joint)


Simple steps to remove the bad cv joint axles

Step 1: Jack the ATV off the ground and secure it from rolling

Step 2: Remove the wheel

Step 3: Remove the axle nut

Step 4: Remove the lower control arm bolt from the ball joint and hub assembly

Step 5:Remove the bolt from the shocks and upper control arm

Step 6:The hub will be able to swing out away, allowing the outer CV joint to be slipped out through the back. This may require a tap on the threaded end of the outer CV joint. Put the axle nut back on half way-- so that you can tap on it without damaging the threads. 

Step 7:At this point, the inner CV joint will be the only thing holding the axle in place. The inner CV joint is held in the differential by a “C” clip. Simply pry it away from the differential and it should pop out. You may need to tap it from behind. Now you should be able to pull it out of the differential. 


Installing the new cv joint axles

1.If you're only replacing the boot, you’ll want to do that from the inner CV joint end of the shaft.If you're removing the outer CV joint, you’ll want to put the CV axle in a vise (clamped on the shaft close to the inner CV/ U-joint. Cut the boot clamps and make sure the CV joint is not held on by a clip that you can see on the shaft under the boot.

2. Now that the joint is removed, cut away the old boot and clamps and clean the shaft.

3.Put on the new boot and slide it toward the inner out of the way (always remember to do this BEFORE putting on the new joint!) 

4.Cut the corner of the grease packet to make it like a baker’s icing bag. This will allow you to accurately apply grease into the hole were the shaft will go. Fill the outer CV joint until the grease comes up around the ball bearings and set the rest aside for later.

5. Put a little grease on the "C" clip on the shaft to help hold it centered.

6.Take the outer CV joint and line it up with the splines of the shaft, making sure the clip is not sticking out to one side or the other.

7.Place the axle nut onto the threads half way (to avoid damaging them) and tap the joint back onto the shaft.If it doesn't go easily, back off and use a screw driver to press and hold the clip in while applying pressure until it is no longer exposed then the joint will tap on with ease .

8. Apply the remaining grease inside the joint, over the "guts" of the joint. You may not need all of the remaining grease. Something like a 1" bead all the way around were the shaft meets the joint will do fine. Slide your boot down around the joint housing and clamp the large clamp first.

9.Use a screw driver to go in between the small boot end and shaft to release any trapped air or suction that may be deforming the boot (referred to as "burping" the boot).Then, clamp the remaining end of the boot.

10.The axle is now ready to be put back on the ATV.


Disclaimer: The following steps about how to removing or replace CV joint axles,which are just a reference,you could repair it by yourself ,which can save your much time and money.Please note we won’t be responsible for any possible damage that might result while following this guide.If possible,OEM service manual is on hand ,with no hesitation,follow it!

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•Driver side =The left side if you are sitting on the vehicle

•Passenger Side =The right side if you are sitting on the vehicle

•In order to avoid you buy wrong aftermarket replacement axles and could chose correct ones,please double check the Year,Make,Model and Sub-model of your ATV/UTV as well as which position you want to use ,including front left / right or rear left/ right.

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