Top 5 Signs of Bad Steering Rack

December 7, 2023

What Is The Steering Rack?

The steering rack is made up of a rack enclosed with a steering pinion. It is connected to the steering wheel through the set of shafts and U-joints. As the steering wheel is turned, the pinion moves and pushes the steering rack either to the left or right. When the steering rack goes bad it needs to be replaced as soon as possible for your own safety. But how to know my rack and pinion is bad? Don’t worry, you will find the answer in this article. Here are top 5 signs of failed steering rack, so you can look for these five symptoms before you take your vehicle for repairs.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Steering Rack?

-Numb Spot

It’s a technical term-refers to the play you have in your steering wheel when you move it. The steering wheel moves but the front wheel not.

-Tire Wear

Bad steering rack will cause uneven tire unusual wear specifically on the inside or outside of the tire, rather than all over like an alignment issue will cause.

-Steering Wheel Shake

If your steering rack and pinion wear out the steering will feel loose. You will also notice that the car wanders at high speed and is hard to keep it in the lane.

-Clunking Noise

When you are taking a corner or turning,you hear a thudding, clunking or knocking,it's quite probable that the steering rack goes bad or loosen.

-Power Steering Leak

A bad steering rack may develop power steering fluid leaks from the O-rings and boots. Other components like power steering pump, reservoir or lines can cause power steering leaks. So check fluid levels regularly and look for other signs in conjunction with this one so you can be sure this is a steering rack issue and not just a fluid leak.

If you feel wheels don't return to center, excessive steering play or loose steering,it’s time to have the steering rack looked at and possibly replaced.

How much does a power steering rack and pinion replacement?

The average cost to replace steering rack and pinion on a car range from $500-$1200 and the labor will likely be between $280 and $360. If you are a DIYer, you can replace the power steering rack yourself. The cheapest cost to replace the steering rack yourself is around $135-$205 for steering rack parts which you can buy online at Hex Auto Parts to fix steering rack failure. offer OEM-quality rack and pinion replacement for Toyota,VW,Nissan,Chevy,Hyundai,Honda and More Vehicles at great prices. Browse our Power Steering Rack catalogue shop now, No Core Charge!

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