Would the 1998-2001 Ford Ranger 4.0 Starter Be The Same For The Auto As Manual?

December 7, 2023

If your ford ranger won't start, it's usually caused by a dying or dead battery, loose or corroded connection cables, a bad alternator or an issue with the starter. It’s a big headache,right ? In fact, if you don’ t know there are two versions starters for Ford Ranger 4.0, you are probably choose the wrong ford ranger starter by mistake when shopping online. After receiving the wrong starter then find it does not fit and have to spend much time and money to return,which will cause more trouble. Don't worry,this blog will tell you the difference between ford ranger 4.0 starter for automatic or manual transmission and help you buy correct starter for 1998-2001 Ford Ranger.

What's the Difference Between Ford Ranger Starters For Auto or Manual Trans ?

-Visual Difference

The two versions starter don't look the same obviously.

-The Starter Nose Length

The starter nose length is different for manual and automatic. The manual one is about 2" and the automatic one is about 2 3/8".

-The offset of the flexplate

They have a different tooth count for different flexplate diameters. First find out the count on the flex plate and then find the correct starter and you should be good.


Conclusion :

There are two versions auto and manual starters for Ford Ranger 4.0. The 1998-2001 Ford Ranger 4.0 Starter is not same for the Auto as Manual. You can't fit a real automatic starter in a manual and the converse is also true. Some DIYers like swapping, If you put the auto starter in manual trans ford ranger, everything bolted up right but when you twist the key the auto starter will not disengage form the manual flywheel. While if you put the put the manual starter in auto ford ranger and it will lock up the starter. So order correct starter for your ranger is crucially important.

Where Can You Get The Best Deal On Ford Ranger Starter Replacement?

When it' s time to replace your original starter and OEM is not the only choice, Hexautoparts provide reliable starter replacement for sale. All of our ranger starters are tested to ensure product performance and durability. You will get a fast start with Hexautoparts starter. Here are the two versions ford ranger 4.0 starters listed below:


Fitment Type Part Number Order Link
1998-2001 Ford Ranger 4.0L V6 Automatic Transmission 3273 Order Now
1998-2001 Ford Ranger 4.0L V6 Manual Transmission 3240 Order Now


Please make sure you order the correct starter for your ford ranger 4.0 automatic transmission or ford ranger 4.0 manual transmission. Never forget to use cash code” SHOPHEX” to save $3 when your order is over $30. With current global events, Hexautoparts are still open and provide fast shipping service.

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