How To Buy A Steering Rack And Pinion

November 30, 2023

What Is A Rack and Pinion?

Also known as the steering rack,is helping you steer when you drive.A steering rack assembly consist of boots/clamps,ports,input shaft,pinion housing,cylinder,hydraulic line and inner tie rod.There are several different types of steering rack options available,manual steering,electric steering and power steering.

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Electric Steering Rack VS. Power Steering Rack

For a regular commuter car, the optimal form of steering is power steering. Power steering racks will have an extra component, the power steering pump, that will supply high-pressure fluid to rack, providing hydraulic power assist. This makes steering significantly easier for the driver. As technology is constantly changing,serveral cars use electronic power steering(EPS) systems and don't come with hydraulic pumps or pistons. So it reduces the amount of weight in the vehicle.Also,electric power steering system is more efficient.

Which is better power steering or electric steering,it depends on driver's driving experience.Some insist that the power system provides a better feel for the road and that the EPS system has a tendency to make the driving experience somewhat dull.Maybe that's why a majority of vehicles on the road these days still use hydraulic steering systems.

What are the symptoms of a bad steering rack?

Here are the most common steering rack problems that you can identify yourself:

-Numb Spot

-Tire Wear

-Steering Wheel Shake

-Clunking Noise

-Power Steering Leak

You can find more information here: Top 5 Signs of Bad Steering Rack

Finding Your Vehicle’s Year, Make and Model

By searching your vehicle's year, make and model on to find correct rack and pinion replacement.We carry honda civic steering rack,honda accord rack and pinion,toyota tundra rack and pinion,nissan pathfinder rack and pinion and more steering rack replacement for different vehicles.Some steering racks will come with the inner tie rod ends and/or outer tie rod ends. Some steering racks will not, but we will always specify in the product description. All our steering rack come exactly as pictured.Don’t forget to take a look at's return and warranty policies.Trust us fix your steering rack failure.All orders don’t have any core charge.If you need any further assistance with how to buy a steering rack, please Contact us immediately.We will be happy to help you with finding the right Power Steering Rack for your car.

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