2003-2010 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems - Why is the A/C not Working in My Car?

December 7, 2023

In the previous article we have shared the 2002-2009 Honda CRV Black Death AC problem, as the weather heats up in summer, we absolutely should ensure the air conditioner system in your Honda Civic working well before you start a road trip. The AC Compressor problem will ruin your day when you go out, and the common problem of broken air conditioning are leaks or compressor issues. Although we always need spend lots of money to repair AC Unit issues, we can often save money by knowing the common problems before your do it yourself.


Common Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems

Cool But Not Cold

If the air conditioning is set to max cool and fans on high, but is only blowing moderately cool air:

1. Check to see that the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running when the air conditioning is on.

2. Look for any restrictions like leaves, bugs or dirt that would keep air from passing over the condenser.

3. Check the cabin air filter to ensure that it is not clogged.

4.Check the pressures in the system using a manifold gauge set.



Honda Civic AC Compressor and Clutch

The AC compressor clutch is one of the most common points of failure on the compressor.The compressor is the work horse of the air conditioning system, powered by a drive belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. When the air conditioning system is turned on, the compressor pumps refrigerant vapour under high pressure to the condenser.

1. With the engine running turn the A/C on max cool, set fans high, and make sure that the clutch is engaging on the compressor.

Note: this is not the pulley, but the center piece that engages the pulley to the compressor shaft.If the clutch is engaging and disengaging rapidly, the refrigerant may be low.

2. If the clutch is not engaging, use a voltmeter to check for voltage getting to the compressor.

3. If there is voltage - the clutch may be bad.

If there is no voltage - a cycling switch may be bad, a fuse may be blown and the system may not have enough refrigerant pressure to trip the low pressure cutoff switch that cycles the compressor.


How Do You Test For An A/C System Leak?

One of the most common AC temperature problems is low refrigerant. The AC system is closed, so refrigerant should not be lost unless there is a leak

Detecting leaks:

Black light enabled dyes. You read that right. A lot of refrigerants are pre-mixed with a special U.V.dye that shows up under black light. We’ll run a black light over your A/C system to see if any dye shows up.

Bring in the sniffer; A sniffer is a special device that hones in on the refrigerant’s chemical components. If there’s a leak, our sniffer will sniff it out. A damaged ignition coil could even cause an electrical short that can damage your Honda Civic's electrical system or blow a fuse. Here are all honda civic a/c compressor for sale on hexautoparts.com. Even if two vehicles share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different engine,so need different ac compressor replacement. So Please double check before purchasing.

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Hope this article can help you know more about Honda Civic Common AC Compressor problem. If your Honda Civic’s AC has been making noise, you should repair or consider replace a Honda Civic AC Compressor. Hex Auto Parts offer cheap AC Compressor and Clutch for Honda Model, all of our OEM AC Compressor come with a 12 month warranty you can buy with peach of mind.

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