2006-2011 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems & Solutions

December 7, 2023

As the weather to get hotter and stay hotter longer, it’s necessary to make sure the ac system in your honda civic work properly to have maximum comfort when you drive for working or road trip. You can get common ac compressor problems and solutions before you do DIY project to save your much money and effort by reading this article.

The air conditioning system in your 2006-2011 Honda Civic is comprised of several different parts that work together to circulate the refrigerant that cools the air entering the cabin. AC compressor is the heart of your civic’s AC System, which acts like a pump to compress the refrigerant and push it through the system. Unfortunately, on many vehicles including the Honda Civic, the ac compressor is the source of many of the problems that cause your air conditioning to fail.


Here are 2006-2011 Honda Civic AC Compressor Problems & Solutions

-Problem: Leaks 

Leaks are the most common problem associated with the air conditioning,for instance,seals leak,and refrigerant leak.


•For seals leak,it’s not a big problem.Just buy a new seal and a seal installation tool.The first thing is to discharge the system when seal need replaced.The installation tool is a sleeve that fits over the shaft and protect the seal from installation damage.Oil the seal with compressor oil and slide it into place, keep in mind don’t knick the green rubber O ring.

•For refrigerant leak,which is caused by the age of the system,the metal coils can wear over time and develop small holes or corrosion on the coils because of exposure to contaminants.If there are many leaks,replacing the whole AC coil is the best and quick way to fix it.

-Problem: Cool but not cold

-Solution: 1.Check the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are running when the air conditioning turns on. 2.To See if there are any restrictions like dusts,dirt or other airborne material,which would keep air from passing over the condenser. 3.Check the cabin air filter to make sure hat it is not clogged.

-Problem:The clutch does not engage even died

-Solution: Jump the cables for the pressure switch,then check if the clutch start.If yes,it means that the pressure switch is bad and you only need to change the switch to solve the problem.If the clutch still does not engage, it might be a bad AC compressor clutch.You could buy an individual clutch then install.But sometimes replacing the entire compressor with a new aftermarket ac compressor replacement on hexautoparts can be cheaper than replacing an individual ac compressor clutch.

-Problem: Noisy air conditioner

-Solution:Firstly,you need to know where the sound is coming from and what type noise you hear.Here are the four different noises.

•Mild Squeaking from Air Conditioner: It’s likely not serious,a bearing in need of lubricant or a dirty fan blade that is out of balance. 

•Rattling from AC or Duct:It’s a small problem ,maybe a loose panel in need of tightening, or a loose AC duct.

•Grinding Noise :More serious than above two cases, a bearing is likely going to fail, and if not replaced soon, it could damage other parts of your AC unit.

•Hissing Sounds:It’s the most serious above three cases,if it is coming from your air conditioning unit, the most likely cause is leaking Freon. Listen to your ears carefully,if it hurts your ears, Turn it off as soon as possible.If it’s hard to tell or you have zero mechanical skills,just to have a professional mechanic help you inspected.


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