Good Thing To Use A/C Compressor In Winter - Why We Should Run Auto Air Conditioner In Winter?

December 7, 2023

There is no doubt that we are going without A/C in the car is an unbearable burden, and one that we want to fix it as quickly as possible. You only use your car’s air conditioning in the summer? Actually, using your air conditioner year-round is better for your car. With the upcoming of winter, why we should still run auto air conditioner?

HVAC system is one of the most important part no matter in hot summer or the winter. If we put the HVAC in the defrost position it will always engage the compressor to help with defogging.

Reduce Moisture

One of the purposes of air conditioning is to provide dry air. Fog happens when water condenses on the window. In the winter, keep your car's temperature setting to hot and turn on the air conditioning. You'll see that defrosting your front windshield is that much faster. The reason is because the air coming out of the vents is dry, so the A/C system is like a dehumidifier.

A/C system: Use it or lose it

Another purpose of air conditioning system is filled with parts that were meant to move.If you don't use your air conditioner for a few months, some components (such as the A/C compressor clutch) may become seized. As we all know that  air conditioning system is filled with refrigerant and a small amount of oil. It is absolutely a good idea to get that liquid flowing every now and again. To run the air conditioner also helps keep the components from atrophying over the winter,it prevents loss of the refrigerant.


Winter is Coming, how to use A/C system correct? Most of drivers noticed when the first warm day of spring arrives, the air conditioner no longer blowing cold air. What happened to the A/C when it hasn’t been turned on all winter?

Winter A/C Maintenance:  Use your heat and A/C at the same time

If you are concerned with freezing to death by performing this routine maintenance to your car, you can turn on the A/C and your heater at the same time. This allows the parts of your cooling system to move and run, lubricating the system while drying out the air. This will help keep you comfortable by blowing warm air into your car. This is a great preventative measure to extend the life of your vehicle.

This winter, as part of maintenance, use your car's air conditioning regularly (keep the temperature setting to hot). If you want to replace the AC Compressor and Clutch before the heavy winter come, you can visit HEX AUTO AC Compressor. High quality A/C Compressor Clutch sale 25% Off for all Model!

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