How to Tell If a Car Air Conditioning Compressor is Bad?

November 30, 2023

While the weather can always be a bit on the warm side in Texas, the late spring, summer and early fall months can be particularly brutal. The heat can get as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit — sometimes even higher-during the warmest days for many days in a row. Knowing that your car air conditioner is going to be performing at its very best when you are driving it provides peace of mind. Many drivers are often unaware of what constitutes bad ac compressor symptoms and when their A/C units start having trouble working as it should. Among those troubles is a bad air conditioning compressor.This article will tell you what are the symptoms of a bad ac compressor and why choose hexautoparts ac compressor for your car or trucks.


How to Tell If a Car Air Conditioning Compressor is Bad?

Replace Hexautoparts A/C Compressor for your car when you find these problems associated with a failing A/C Compressor.

-Not Cool Enough

One sign that the air conditioning system is having a problem is the relative coldness of the air coming from the vents in the interior of your car. If you have the air conditioning switched on, the temperature turned down, the fan cranked up, and the air coming out of the vents doesn't seem as cold as it used to, it may not be your imagination. It can be an early sign that something is wrong with your air conditioning system. The two most likely problems are a leak in the system that is causing it to lose refrigerant or a faulty AC compressor.

-Noises from Under the Hood

When your vehicle is making strange noises, it is never a good sign, and that is certainly the case when it comes to air conditioning. As we said, the AC compressor has the tough job of compressing and circulating the air conditioning refrigerant. It typically cycles on and off many times during the course of daily driving, and it is filled with components that can fail over time. Often, the AC compressor incorporates a sealed bearing, and that bearing can wear out or seize up, especially if the bearing lubricant leaks out. That could produce a high-pitched squeal or the grinding sound of metal-on-metal. If the bearing seizes (freezes up) it will typically result in the squealing of the drive belt that is suddenly unable to spin the compressor. In some instances, AC compressors can be repaired. However, it is most often a better procedure to replace the faulty compressor with a new one. It is not only the most time-effective solution to the problem, but it will also most often result in a better, more durable repair.

-AC Compressor Clutch Issues

The AC compressor has a clutch that is connected to the engine by a belt and pulley, and it can provide problems, too. By having a clutch, the compressor can cycle on and off rather than being in use all the time you are underway. This results in less wear on the compressor and better fuel economy since the engine doesn't have to turn the compressor when it isn't needed to provide cool air. A problem that can occur, however, is the failure of the compressor clutch. It can stick in the "on" position, which will result in the compressor turning all the time you are driving. Or it can cease to function at all, which means the compressor is never engaged. Neither is good. You could buy an individual clutch then install.But sometimes replacing the entire compressor with a new aftermarket ac compressor replacement on hexautoparts can be cheaper than replacing an individual ac compressor clutch.

Hexautoparts, a professional ac compressor supplier,has high quality and perfect replacement of auto parts for sale,provides powerful cooling, no noise, smooth -running ac compressor with clutch.Lots of ac compressor replacement are suitable for multiple brands,including Honda,Jeep,Chevy,Cadillac,Dodge,Nissan and more.

· High-quality Materials

Manufactured from alloy steel of high quality for lengthen the life of the product.

· Competitive AC Compressor Price

With car compressor price that often save you up to 50% over OEM. Every ac compressor order is no core charge, save your time and effort to send back as well as new ac compressor cost.

· AC Clutch Replacement Included

This a/c compressor includes a new pre-installed clutch, coil and pulley for easy installation,there is no need to remove and reuse the clutch assembly from your old compressor. · Been Oiled and Ready To Use: AC Compressor replacement comes with oil installed inside,the oil type is PAG100.So there is no need to add oil when you use it the first time.

· Easy Installation

This AC compressor is designed for exact fit and fully assembled for fast installation. All you need to do is a simple replacement, and it requires no welding.

· Reduce Fuel Consumption

Our AC compressors can effectively reduce engine load, reduce fuel consumption, and save energy and environmental protection.

· Rapid Cooling And Low Noise

Reduce noise and provide a quiet and comfortable interior environment.


Replace AC Compressor To Check:

· Since the fan is not installed or the surface of the air conditioner condenser is too dirty,when the air conditioner is used,heat dissipation may cause high temperature,resulting in excessive compressor pressure,which may cause damage to the compressor pressure,which may cause damage to the compressor or the clutch. Therefore,check the fan and condenser when replacing the new compressor.

· Please make sure the ac compressor installation site is clean. Otherwise, it will cause operating obstruction, even make the temperature of the compressor very high, and the belt on the clutch may melt.

· Because our ac compressor is with oil when sent to you, so there is no need to add oil when you use it the first time. But you need to add the refrigerant , please add them to 70-80%, don't need to fill up. There may be noise if the refrigerant is added too much.

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