Guide to Lawn Mower Spindles

November 30, 2023

What is a mower spindle?

Lawn Mower Spindles are essential parts of a mower's cutting deck. The spindle on a riding mower is the post to which the blade attaches and around which it spins when the machine is in action. Lawn mower deck spindle help your lawn mower pulley system perform efficiently while giving your lawn mower power. The spindles and pulleys work together to rotate the blades for a smooth, even cut. If any parts of the spindle assembly are damaged, it can cause the blades to spin unevenly, or prevent them from spinning at all.

How to tell if mower deck spindle is bad?

A riding mower may have one or more spindles, depending on the size of the mower and the way it is manufactured. You may have a problem with one or more spindles at the same time.You can tell if a mower deck spindle is bad by noticing uneven cuts, squealing, and vibration. Having bent or broken parts is another way to know if the spindle is going out. As soon as you notice these signs, it is critical to discontinue use and change the spindle immediately.

How to buy correct spindle for cub cadet,john deere,husqvarna,craftsman and more riding mowe?

Before buying a deck spindle replacement for every riding mower or mower tractor, the first thing you need to know the spindle size.

Besides the spindle size, OEM Part Number of your original spindle is also important. Although specific models stated in the listing are potential matches only and no a guarantee of compatibility. Even if two pieces of riding mower or tractor share the same year/make/model, they can and often do have different part numbers. For example, there are several different cub cadet 46 inch spindle replacement for sale on the market. So be careful and responsible for verifying the OEM part number. If you are not sure or need help, you can send us a message and we will be happy to help you the best we can.

Where to buy lawn mower spindle?

Besides car parts, Hexautoparts is also a brand focuses on highest quality lawn & garden replacement parts, such as lawn mower spindle assembly, pto clutch,mower belts. Here are our key feature :

Blade Mound: 5 Piont Star Blade Mount,more stable and durable than 3 point star.

Easy Installation: With 4 Threaded Mounting Holes,so you don't need to purchase additional accessories, these are threaded for easier installation.

Lawn Mower Deck Spindle Grease: With Grease Fittings,it's more convenient for later lubrication.

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