What Is A Control Arm On A Car?

November 30, 2023

What Does A Suspension Kit Consist Of?

A suspension kit is a complete package of parts that can be used to improve or repair the suspension system of a car. These parts usually include shock absorbers, springs and sway bars, as well as other components like control arm,bushing,ball joint,stabilizer bar link and tie rod end that improve the car's suspension. The suspension system has two purposes: to improve how the car handles in turns and braking, and to protect the vehicle and its passengers from shocks due to bumps in the road.

What Is A Control Arm On A Car?

The control arms are one of the core components of a suspension system and serve as the direct connection points between the front wheel assemblies and the vehicle's frame. The control arms allow a driver to steer a car while also guiding the wheels up and down with the road surface. Although they are simplistic in appearance, control arms have a vital role in a vehicle's overall stability and drivability.

Where Is The Control Arm Located On A Car?

The Control Arm Positions vary depending on your vehicle, the common four positions are Front Passenger Upper and Lower,Front Driver Upper and Lower,Rear Passenger Upper and Lower,Rear Driver Upper and Lower.

Why Is Control Arm A Key Suspension Component?

-They permit your car’s wheels to change direction without any resistance.

-The inner end of the control arm attaches to the vehicle’s chassis and serves as the pivot point of the arm.The outer end connects to the steering knuckie.

-Without the control arm,there is nothing to support the wheel movement and suspension system.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Control Arm Assembly

-The steering wheel of vehicle vibrates

Excessive vibration maybe felt in the steering wheel when the wheels rapidly wobble.

-Steering Wander

Pulling to the right or left without input from the steering wheel and need a continuous correction to make the vehicle straight.

-Loud Noises

If you hear a loud clunking sound coming from underneath your vehicle, usually following a bump, a hard turn or braking.

Why Choose Control Arm Replacement on HexAutoParts?

Hex Auto Parts is one of the largest distributors and retailers of re-manufactured and aftermarket auto parts in the USA. We offer an extensive selection of auto parts and truck parts, including Suspension control arm parts, Wheel Spacers Adapters, Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors, Rack & Pinion Assemblies, Ceramic Brake Pads and more. You can easily find the quality parts you needed in Hex Auto Parts!

Easy Installation

Hexautoparts control arm is designed to be a direct-fit replacement, easy to install, better driving and serviceability.

High Strength Metallic Materials

Electrophoretic coating, corrosion and wear resistant, high torsional strength, increased durability and stability.

CNC Machined

By using CNC machine, identical parts can made with the highest accuracy levels. The process is much more precise than manual machining. It ensures the precision and quality of the products.

Enhanced Structural-Strength

High-strength structure can withstand repeated impact loads, making it more stable during operation.

High Performance

Hexautoparts suspension kit is OE manufactured to meet expectations for fit, form, and function, offering high quality and great value.

Bonded Control Arm Bushings

Effectively absord bumps on the road, control the movement of control arms and reduce noise and vibration, providing a smooth ride.

Pre-Greased Control Arm Ball Joint

Ball joints were lubricated and filled enough grease to make sure direct use and without modification.


-Please make sure that you have bought the right control arms for your vehicle.

-Professional installation is recommended.

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