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What’s Honda Black Death? This was a question I asked myself when I first heard about Honda CRV Black Death. I have to admit I was just quite amazing and confused. Most of our clients contact us and complain that they Air Conditioner blow hot air on hot summer day. Along with being ticked off, I wanted to see what was going on and just how broad spread the problem really was.

We have researched several areas there have been thousands of reports of pre-mature compressor failures between the years of 2002 and 2009.

Black Death is the worst compressor disease to hit our industry since the DA6 came out and was spitting ring material through the system! The air compressor found on the CR-V has the issue of “imploding”; the internals completely shattering, forcing debris throughout your AC system, plaguing all of the associated components and causing the compressor to seize or “lock up”. All of the bits and pieces of metal and debris moves throughout the AC system leaving it virtually a complete disaster. Hence, the term Black Death.


There is no simple way to repair the CR-V’s AC System. You MUST replace the following parts to remedy the problem:

1. AC Compressor

2. Condenser (with Drier attached)

3. Expansion Device

4. Evaporator

5. System Seal Kit

6. System Oil

7. Both low side and high side AC Hoses.

How to Identify AC Compressor Black Death and other AC System Problems

A car air conditioning system is complex and expensive.You really shouldn’t wait until it starts blowing hot air before you take notice of it. Here are some common issues for the failure of a car air conditioning system.  If you get into your car and discover your air conditioning isn’t working, one of these might be the reason. 







If you have a 2002-2007 Honda CRV and you are unfortunate to experience A/C Black Death we highly suggest replacing all of your car Air Conditioner System Parts. You must first time clear contamination out of your AC system or your AC will continue to break down. 

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