How To Install John Deere Mower Belt Replacement ?

December 7, 2023

Mower Belts,also called deck belts if it connects the blade shafts of the mower deck.The most popular mower belt is V belt,which is shaped like the letter "V" in cross section.No matter what type of belts are using,the main function is to transfer the torque from the engine to the transmission,then push the lawn mower forward and spin the blade to complete cut grass.

The belts wears down over with time even fall apart or stretch out.Knowing the mower belt sizes of your lawn mower is very important when you want to buy a new mower belt replacement.

How To Choose A Correct Mower Belt Replacement on Hexautoparts?

Before buying a new belt,the first thing you need to know how to measure lawn mower belt. If your old belt is unusable,you can cut it directly then lay it out straightly.In this time you could measure the width and the length of the belt.

For broken belts,you need to measure the total length of the belt after laying the belt flat.Using a cloth tape to go around the outside of the belt.Ensure the beginning point is marked. All in all,measure the width (usually outside dimension) and length of belt,put together the OEM part number,like the following pictures to choose a correct mower belt.The common width is 1/2” and 5/8”.

Hexautoparts provide a large selection of aftermarket lawn mower belts replacement including john deere mower belts,craftsman lawn mower belts,cub cadet mower belts, husqvarna mower belts,ayp belts,mtd belts,troy bilt belts and many other belts for lawn mowers.All belts use special core rubber,which can guarantee long service life.Also,it produces small friction during operation and have large transmission effect.So buy lawn mower belts here,you can enjoy free and fast shipping,which has earned rave reviews from many customers.You could click here to read more true reviews about Hexautoparts shopping experience.


How To Install John Deere Mower Belt Replacement?

1.If your old belt is still in good shape,you can take the slack out by loosening the two bolts and pulling the bracket the cable goes through towards you.

2.If not,loosen the pins and washers then remove the deck from the tractor,which can make it easier to put the belt on,otherwise you will add a lots of work for yourself. The secret to deck removal is to have two PVC pipes under the deck and when the deck lowers down on them you can slide it out from underneath.

3.Remove the screws,take the belt covers off,and loosen the sheaves then pull the old belt from the mower.

4.Route the new john deere mower belt replacement around the sheaves and pulleys,follow the same path as the belt that you just removed.Replace the belt covers and screw them into place. Re-tighten the sheaves with the belt in position.

5.Reattach the mower deck to the mower. Hope this article help you measure mower belt sizes correctly and complete mower belt installation easily.

A correct mower belt installation plus zero force prying,which can maintain belt lifetime.Hexautoparts is committed to become the first choice for buying Mower,Motorcycle,ATV,Car parts and accessories.If you need to choose cheap mower belts,don’t forget come to our belts pages- which provide durable high quality mower belts online.

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