How To Install Travel Trailer RV Cover

December 7, 2023


Use extreme caution when installing this rv cover. For your safety installation of this rv cover is to be done by at least 2 adults on a dry,non windy day. Trailer’s roof must be dry. Also make sure the roof of the RV is either metal, fiberglass o rubber. These covers will work for any these roof styles. Never tow your trailer when the travel trailer cover is in use, not even for short distances.

Tools needed might included:

-Screwdriver(unscrewing antennas)




Step 1: Preparation

Begin by covering or taping any sharp or jagged edges with masking tape to avoid snagging the cover during installation this will also help maximize life of the cover. Make sure to unscrew or fold down and store any outside antenna. Secure the Toy Hauler by closing all doors,windows and roof hatches.

Step 2: Box Contents

Remove box contents which includes covers,storage bad,tie-down rope and patch kit.

Step 3: Setup

Remove cover from storage bad and roll cover out parallel to the trailer(Front is labeled with a white tag labeled Front and is on the inside of the cover.You will now ant to unzip the zippered panels of the cover.

Step 4: Installation

Begin with putting the cover with the tab inside of the tab labeled FRONT (labeled tag is always on the inside of the cover. Cautiously pull/drag the front of the cover with you as you climb to the top of the ladder. Slowly pull the cover all the way to the front of the trailer roof. Now begin to carefully flail out the front of the covered followed by sides of the cover while you slowly working your way back toward the rear of the trailer. Before installing make sure you can reach the rear portion of the cover easily without climbing all the way up the ladder. Now you can pull over the rear of the cover while slowly climbing down the ladder. It is now time to go around the trailer and zip closed all the zippered panels and pull down and around the bottom corners the elasticized portions of the covers corners. Retrieve the nylon rope and begin by tyig end to the grommet straps under the travel trailer’s undercarriage. We recommend going straight across the first grommet with the rope and tying off then clipping it in the grommet located directly across from it. To prevent frilling a lighter can be used to melt the end of the rope.Repeat this process for the other grommets along the bottom of the trailer. With this process finished you can pull snug the tension straps on the front and rear of the trailer and adjust the fasteners as needed. Make any adjustments you feel necessary. We recommend pulling snug, but not extremely tight.

Step 5: Access Panels

This travel trailer cover has the option of rolling up side panels easy access. Two panels of the passenger door side (front and read ) make access available to rigs with doors located toward the middle (front) of the trailer and for rigs with the doors located toward the middle(front) of the trailer and for rigs with the door more toward the rear. Flaps toward the roof of the cover are tailored with special velcro roll ups to secure the panels in place when rolled up.

Special Care Notes:

Hex Auto Parts class a rv covers are made from special water resistant and uv protective materials that should only be cleaned with soap and water and never to be scrubbed with a brush cleaned with heavy duty cleaning agents.If during the course of the covers life a rip or tear should take place;please use the supplied self adhesive patch kit to fix.Note this patch can be cut with scissors for small patches to conserve kit material.

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