How To Choose The Right Alternator ?

December 7, 2023

Car alternator is a key part of a car charging system and it’s bolted to the engine and driven by a serpentine belt. When it fails and doesn’t work normally, you will be stranded on the roads. This blog explains the alternator's function and symptoms of a defective alternator, and makes it easy to get a perfect fit at Hex Auto Parts.

What Does A Car Alternator Do ?

The function of a car alternator is to charge the battery and provide electric power for car’s electrical components when engine is running.

How Do I Know If My Alternator Is Defective?

After years of service, due to the age of the vehicle, the alternator tends to wear out. The following are some of the common symptoms of a defective alternator:

Dimming Lights

Dimming lights is the most obvious sign of a failing alternator that most drivers can recognize,especially when it’s at night. Besides dimming lights,the dimming of the dashboard is also a strong symptom of bad alternator.

Dead Battery

If your battery discharges more frequently than normal, it is a symptom of a malfunctioning alternator. There may also be some problems in the electric connections that are draining the voltage out.

Strange Noise

An alternator has a lot of moving parts that spin when it is working normally. If one of these parts starts to work ineffectively, you will hear some strange noise.

Electric Problem

Besides charge the battery,alternators also provide electric power for the car’s electrical systems. So if you are facing a failed alternator,you can feel the power seats or windows is operating slowly as there is no enough powers.

How To Choose The Right Alternator ?

Online shopping is a new trend and knowing how to choose the right alternator can save much alternator cost and time.


Hexautoparts has many brand new alternators replacement for sale, although same years vehicle but has different engine may need diverse alternators.So the key to choosing a correct car alternator is to make sure the year and engine information of your vehicle.

2.Finding Your Alternator's OEM Part Number

If for any reason you cannot find your alternator by entering your vehicle's year, make and model, you can find it by its OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) number.The OEM part number could be easily found on the your stock alternator. If it’s not clear to see,you can call a dealer with your VIN, then they will tell you with the OEM part number.

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Can I Replace an Alternator Myself?

The alternator installation process can be easy or difficult depends on your automotive experience in repairing and different automobiles. You can find the step-by-step installation guide of an alternator here: How To Remove and Replace an Alternator? In general, you could finish the installation within 2 hours. Good luck to every DIYer.

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