Why 1991-2011 Ford Ranger Won't Start And How To Choose A Ford Ranger Starter Replacement ?

December 7, 2023

Though starter is a common failure point,when you experienced your ford ranger won’t start,is it time to replace a new ford ranger starter immediately? Definitely not.If you do not double check why your ford ranger won’t start before ordering,maybe a new ranger starter still haven’t fix your problem and it will cost you much time and effort to figure out.


What Can Cause My Ford Ranger Won’t Start ?

1.Dead Battery

Dead battery like old battery,loosen wire is the top 1 reason of no-start.You could test by jump-starting your ford ranger.If it works,you’re most likely having a dying battery. What you should do is removing and cleaning the terminals.Then fully charge the battery and have it load tested.Or have a mechanic do the service for you.

2.Failed Ignition Switch

After check the battery and confirm it’s good,then you could turn on your headlights and dashboard.If they turn on,but your ford ranger doesn’t turn over, there is likely to be a failed ignition switch.

3.Bad Ford Ranger Starter

When you start your car,if you hear a clicking/ grinding noise,or find smoke from under the hood of your ford ranger, there is no doubt that the stock starter is defective or burnt,you need to replace a new ford ranger starter replacement as soon as possible.

4.Clogged Fuel Delivery

A car needs spark, air and gas in order to run.A clogged fuel filter won't allow the fuel to pass in high enough quantities to be able to get to the engine to run.The fuel pump can also fail, meaning there is no way for the car to pump gas to the engine.

5.No Spark

The engine ignition need the spark plug,if the spark plug can not be a smooth ignition,of course,your ford ranger will not start.If you try to launch a period of time and smell the oil smell near the exhaust pipe,it can reasonably suspect the spark plug or ignition coil is damaged,a new spark plug can solve this problem.


How To Choose A Ford Ranger Starter Replacement ?

We received many feedback that bought wrong ford ranger starter even asked how to choose a correct starter replacement for his car.We summarizes three points and if you follow our tips to buy a ford ranger starter replacement,you will get a 100%-fit starter replacement then get your ranger back on road immediately.


Hexautoparts has many brand new ford ranger starters for sale, although same years vehicle but has different engine may need diverse starters.So the key to choosing a correct car starter is to make sure the year and engine information of your ford ranger.


Here is a quick list of cheap starters for 1991-2011 ford ranger:


2.Finding Your Starter's OEM Part Number

Sometimes it’s hard to confirm specific model of your ranger, especially for old or used ford ranger.For example,not 100% sure it’s 2002 ford ranger or 03 ,or do I need ford ranger 3.0 starter or ford ranger 4.0 starter?For this case,you can find it by its OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) number.The OEM part number could be easily found on the your stock ford ranger starter. If it’s not clear to see,you can call a dealer with your VIN,then they will tell you with the OEM part number.

3.Starter’s Specifications

Starter’s specifications including teeth,bolt patterns,drive gears, electrical connections and power ratings,all of them should match with your original one,sometimes the size and shape also should be the same.

Hope this article will help ford rangers owners who are encountering no-start problem or distressed about choosing a correct ford starter replacement,let my ford ranger won’t start become easy to deal with and not a big headache any more.

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