How to Install And Remove UTV / ATV Ball Joints?

December 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to change or replace a ball joint on your UTV, Side X Side, or ATV? In this article We show you just how easy it is to install a Hexautoparts ball joint into one of their high clearance a-arm's.


Tools you will need: Snap Ring Pliers,Press,Screwdriver

-Remove the snap rings using a set of snap ring pliers.

-Put your the tool over old ball joint and press it out.

In order to remove the ball joint you will need a piece of tubing with a diameter of an inch and 3/4 place the tubing on the press then rest the ball joint into the arm atop the tubing with the stud portion facing upward making sure to line it up so the ball joint will easily fall into the hole in the tube once everything is properly lined up crank the press until the ball joints drops out of the a arm.

-Install new ball joint in the control arm

Place the ball joint into the a arm making sure to Center it as best as possible rest the arm atop the tubing with housing portion of the ball joint facing upward then place everything on the press crank the press until the ball joint is securely in place after the ball joint has been pressed in.

-Reattach the snap ring

You want to take a flathead screwdriver and make sure that the snap ring is fully seated when doing this be careful not to puncture the boot with screwdriver.

-Do the same process again for others ball joint


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