1985-2016 Honda Rebel 250 Chain And Sprocket Kit Black CMX250C


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    1985-2016 Honda Rebel 250 Chain And Sprocket Kit Black CMX250C

    87.00 43.50
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    Unit Type: Chain Sprocket Kit

    Material: Alloy Steel

    Chain: Black, Non O Ring, 520x108, Tensile strength of 8200 pounds

    Master link: Includes Master link

    Front Sprocket: 14 Tooth

    Rear Sprocket: 33 Tooth


    • High Tensile Strength : Each 520 non oring chain offers tensile strength of 8200 pounds.
    • Top Quality of The Line Roller Chains: This 520 chain offer allowable working loads that can provide extra load carrying capability and deliver.
    • Solid Rollers And Bushings: Provide great strength and durability under all riding condition.
    • Top quality Solid Sprockets:The sprockets are manufactured by S45C carbon steel material and zinc plated, good for wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


    1985-1987 Honda MX250C Rebel 250
    1996-1997 Honda CMX250C Rebel 250
    1999-2009 Honda CMX250C Rebel 250
    2012-2016 Honda CMX250C Rebel 250
    1999-2000 Honda CMX250C2 Rebel 250
    1986 Honda CMX250CD Rebel 250 Limited
    2015-2016 Honda CMX250X Rebel 250

    Sprocket & Chain Maintenance

    • Always ensure that your sprockets are in good condition, properly aligned and lubricant specifically designed for your chain.
    • Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals such as Benzene to clean your chain. We recommend lubricating your chain at every 300-350 miles with a lubricant specifically designed for your chain.
    • Replaces chain immediately if it comes in contact with the battery acid. Clean your chain if it comes in contact with salt water or rock salt and lubricate it after cleaning.