11 1/8 x 13 Aluminum Propeller Fit Yamaha Outboard Engines 30-60HP Replace 69W-45945-00-EL


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    11 1/8 x 13 Aluminum Propeller Fit Yamaha Outboard Engines 30-60HP Replace 69W-45945-00-EL

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    Unite Type: Aluminum Boat Prop

    Prop Diameter And Pitch: 11 1/8 diameter x 13" pitch

    Color : White


    Number of splines : 13 Tooth

    Rotation: Standard (Clockwise) Right Hand Turn

    Includes Hub Kit : Yes

    Max Motosports Boat propeller You Count On

    Max Moto Sports Boat Propeller is made with aluminum for a higher strength and thinner blade that is smooth, fast, efficient and tough. Prop hub kit is already installed within the propeller.To choose your propeller, we kindly advise you to confirm your own propeller's: brand,diameter,pitch,rotation,OEM number,the engine date to be matched by the propeller, and HP from the manufacturer before the purchase.Make sure it's same with your previous prop.


    • Propeller Size: 11 1/8 diameter x 13" pitch, 13 tooth spline, Replace part number 663-45952-02-EL
    • Propeller Material: Aluminum, this 3 blade prop aluminum with stronger blades with better performance
    • Sold As Seen In Pictures: Aluminum outboard propeller comes exactly as pictures showing,includes prop hub kit, fit your boat well and easy to install!
    • Outstanding Quality: Our propellers are specifically designed to handle high horsepower, improves acceleration and top speed on many boats.Better speed and save boat propeller cost for you!!

    11 1/8'' x 13 '' Aluminum Boat Porpeller Fit Yamaha Engines OEM NO.69W-45945-00-EL

    Propeller Size

    Number of Blades : 3

    Diameter: 11 1/8 in

    Pitch: 13 in

    Spline Tooth: 13 Spline Tooth

    Rotation: Right Hand 

    NO. 69W-45945-00-EL

    Fit Yamaha Outboard Engines 40-60HP

    Easy to install and replace with disassembly

    How To Choose The Right Propeller

    Boat propellers come in different sizes and pitches, and choosing the right size and pitch is essential for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.Please confirm your own proper pitch, rotation, diameter, OEM number and match the prop with your engine date and HP from the manufacturer before you purchasing this prop.


    Replace OEM#:

    • 69W-45945-00-EL

    Fit Models

    2003 40TLRB
    2003 50TLRB
    2003 C40TLRB
    2003 F30TLRB
    2003 F40EJRB
    2003 F40ESRB
    2003 F40MJHB
    2003 F40MLHB
    2003 F40MSHB
    2003 F40TLRB
    2003 F50TLRB
    2004 40TLRC
    2004 50TLRC
    2004 F30TLRC
    2004 F40EJRC
    2004 F40MJHC
    2004 F40MLHC
    2004 F40MSHC
    2004 F40TLRC
    2004 F50TLRC
    2005 40TLRD
    2005 50TLRD
    2005 F50TLRD
    2005 F60TJRD
    2005 F60TLRD
    2006 and Later 40TLR
    2006 and Later 50TLR
    2006 and Later F30TLR
    2006 and Later F40BEJR
    2006 and Later F40BMJH
    2006 and Later F40BMLH
    2006 and Later F40BTLR
    2006 and Later F40EJR
    2006 and Later F40JEA
    2006 and Later F40JEHA
    2006 and Later F40LA
    2006 and Later F40LEHA
    2006 and Later F40MJH
    2006 and Later F40MLH
    2006 and Later F40MSH
    2006 and Later F40TLR
    2006 and Later F50TLR
    2006 and Later F60TJR
    2006 and Later F60TLR