Husqvarna Belt Replace 539117245 RZ4623 RZ4219 RZ4619 5/8" x 123"

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    Husqvarna Belt Replace 539117245 RZ4623 RZ4219 RZ4619 5/8" x 123"

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    Unit: Lawn Mower Belt

    Width: 5/6"(Outside dimension)

    Length: 123"

    Deck drive belt is specifically designed to be a perfect fit for the correct machine every time. We provide Mower Belts Buying Guide to help you choose a correct mower drive belt.Additionally, our mower belts replacement give you the longevity you need to minimize down time, and the highest quality belt to enhance performance and cut quality.


    • New Mower Belt: Brand new husqvarna drive belt replacement
    • Belt Size: Width:5/6"(Outside dimension),Length:123" (The number on belt is only the factory code, not the length of belt)
    • High Performance: Small friction and large transmission effect during operation, less noise during operation
    • Long Lifetime: The wrapper protects the inner layer and special core rubber used for a long service life


    Replace Husqvarna OEM#:


    Fit models:

    Husqvarna LSZ4622 (965880801) 46", 2008- 2001, (RZ4219F (966495701), RZ4222F (966659401) ALL 42", 2010), (RZ4619 (965921501), RZ4620 (965881201), RZ4621 (966659101), RZ4621BF (966676501), RZ4621CA (966659201) ALL 46", 2010)