Starter For 1997 1998 Ford F150 F250 F350 Pickup 4.6L 5.4L V8 3221

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    Starter For 1997 1998 Ford F150 F250 F350 Pickup 4.6L 5.4L V8 3221

    61.26 42.88
    30% Off

    Unit Type: Starter

    Teeth: 12

    Voltage: 12

    Rotation: CW

    Note: PMGR

    Hexautoparts Starter

    Hexautoparts keeps vehicles of every shape and size moving forward – from tractors,outboard to cars, pickups and large commercial trucks. Our starter replacement are tested to ensure product performance and durability.You can shop confidence in a starter here.With Hex Auto Parts Starter installed, just touching the key to the start position,it started instantly and your engine will run like a champ.


    • Brand New Starter: New starter for 1997 1998 Ford F150 F250 F350 4.6L 5.4L
    • Performance Testing: All starters replacement are rigorously tested prior to being offered for sale,so ensure they deliver performance that’s equivalent to the original when every customer receive.
    • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts: Hex Auto Parts aftermarket starters are designed for perfect fitment to replace the ones that originally came with your vehicle as long as you buy the correct starter for your vehicle.
    • Fast Engine Starts: High quality magnets or field coils deliver more torque for fast and efficient engine starts.
    • Competitive Car Starter Price: Factory direct and no middleman,so our starters typically priced significantly less than OEM dealers.Almost everybody can afford to buy hexautoparts starter,it helps save starter replacement cost.
    • Never Pay A Core Charge: Hexautoparts never makes you pay a core charge when you are paying. This policy can save you from the inconvenience of having to package and ship the core back.


    • Voltage: 12
    • Starter Type:PMGR
    • Rotation:CW
    • Teeth: 12


    1992-2011 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4.6L(281) V8
    1997-2013 FORD E-SERIES VANS 4.6L(281) V8
    1997-2013 FORD E-SERIES VANS 5.4L(330) V8
    1997-2013 FORD E-SERIES VANS 6.8L(415) V10
    1997-1998 FORD EXPEDITION 4.6L(281) V8
    1997-1998 FORD EXPEDITION 5.4L(330) V8
    1997-1998 FORD F-SERIES PICKUPS 4.6L(281) V8
    1997-1998 FORD F-SERIES PICKUPS 5.4L(330) V8
    1996-2004 FORD MUSTANG 4.6L(281) V8
    1994-1997 FORD THUNDERBIRD 4.6L(281) V8
    2006-2008 FORD E450 Super-Duty Ford 5.4L(330) V8 Gas


    • If you have ford f150 is v6,you need this one: Click

    Part Number

    • AC DELCO:323-525, 336-1170, 336-1808
    • CARGO:112592, 112646
    • FORD:3C24-11000-CA, 3C2Z-11002-CA, 4R3Z-11002-CA, 6C2T-11000-BA, 6C2T-11000-CA, 6C2Z-11002-BA, 6C2Z-11002-CA, 6W1T-11000-AA, 6W1Z-11002-AA, 9C2T-11000-AA, 9C2Z-11002-A, F2VU-11000-AC, F2VU-11000-AD, F2VY-11002-A, F3LU-11000-AA, F3LY-11002-A, F4LU-11000-AA, F6VU-11000-AA, F6VZ-11002-AA, F75U-11000-AA, F75U-11000-AB, F75U-11000-AC, F75Z-11002-AA, F7LU-11000-AA, F7LU-11000-BA, F7LU-11001-BA, F7LZ-11002-AA, F7LZ-11002-BA, F7UU-11000-AA, F7UU-11000-AB, F7UZ-11002-AA, 3C24-CA, 6C2T-CA, F2VU-AC, F2VU-AD, F3LU-AA, F4LU-AA, F6VU-AA, F75U-AA, F75U-AB, F75U-AC, F7LU-AA, F7LU-BA, F7UU-AA, F7UU-AB
    • J & N:410-14042, 410-14034
    • LESTER:3221, 3267, 6691, 3233
    • MOTORCRAFT:SA-789, SA-808, SA-822, SA-838, SA-842, SA-848, SA-849, SA-912, SA-932, SA-933, SA-952, SA-988
    • REMY REMAN:SR110702, SR111059
    • WAI:2-1799-FD, 2-1799-FD-1