13.5 x 15 Pitch Three Blade Propeller For Yamaha Outboard Engines 50-130HP Replace 6E5-45947-00-00 Prop 13-1/2


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  • Unit Type: Aluminum Boat Prop
  • 13.5" Diameter x 15" Pitch
  • 15 Tooth Spline
  • Right Hand rotation
  • Equipped with rubber hub system


  • 13.5" diameter x 15" pitch, 15 tooth spline
  • Aluminum, RH rotation, Equipped with rubber hub system, Replace part number# 6G5-45945-01-00, 6E5-45947-00-00
  • Three-blade aluminum propeller, stronger blades with better performance
  • Durable and easy to maintain and repair, Outstanding acceleration and top speed
  • Specifically designed to handle high horsepower, improves acceleration and top speed on many boats


  • Yamaha Models T50, C60, E60, P60, T60, 70, F70, P75, C75, E75, F75, F80, 90, C90, F90, F100, 115, C115, F115, P115, 130