Signs of a Bad Alternator and Tips For How To Maintain A Car Alternator

December 7, 2023

What Does A Car Alternator Do ?

Car Alternator is a key part of a car charging system,which is bolted to the engine and driven by a serpentine belt or drive belt. The alternator function is to charge the battery and provide electric power for car’s electrical components when engine is running. 

What Are The Symptoms of A Bad Alternator ?

Symptom 1: Dimming or Flickering Lights

Flickering lights is the most obvious sign of a failing alternator that most drivers can recognize,especially when it’s at night. Besides flickering lights,the dimming of the dashboard is also a strong symptom of bad alternator. A good alternator can generate adequate power and keep headlights bright whatever speed you are driving.

Symptom 2: Weak or Dead Battery

Weak or Dead Battery means your alternator is not going well. How to test for a bad alternator or bad battery is very important. Here is a quick and easy way to distinguish:checking the battery gauge on the dashboard without starting the car,if it’s still sending out a strong charge, the battery is likely not the problem.

Symptom 3: Strange Noise

An alternator has a lot of moving parts that spin when it is working normally. If one of these parts starts to work ineffectively, you will hear some strange noise.For example,worn-out bearings will produce grinding sound. Besides,the serpentine belt will worn because of age and it couldn’t spin the alternator pulley effectively then lead to a lack of charge.In this case,you will hear a squealing noise.

Symptom 4: Electric Problem

Besides charge the battery,alternators also provide electric power for the car’s electrical systems. So if you are facing a failed alternator,you can feel the power seats or windows is operating slowly as there is no enough powers.

Symptom 5: Not Starting Car

When having issues starting car,it could be due to a faulty alternator,bad starter or dead battery (For related reading, see Top 7 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start ) But if you have excluded the possibility of starter and battery,alternator is the most likely reason. The output of good alternator is between 13 and 15 volts.The voltage can go below or above these levels if it’s not working correctly and a warning light will come on. Also you could use digital multimeter to check it.


How Much Will It Cost To Replace A New Alternator ?

The average cost to replace alternator is $400,labor costs are between $100 and $150. Replacing an alternator with a new OEM part is expensive from $400-$1000 while a new aftermarket alternator replacement price is much cheaper $50-$100. Hex Auto Parts have high amp alternator for sale fit toyota,honda,chevy,kia and more models at affordable price which can save your alternator cost.

How To Maintain A Car Alternator ?

Some drivers complain their 2003 honda accord alternator doesn’t last long,it’s likely they do something that causes honda accord alternator die quickly. Here are five maintenance tips to keep your alternator running longer.

Tip 1: Jump start the car in a correct way

Alternators can go out if you jump your car in a wrong way. Besides,installing too much electronics will also overload your alternator.

Tip 2: Check the belt routinely

Worn or cracked belt can cause damage to the alternator bearings, so check the belt in regular time then replace it if you find any sign of wearing and tearing with age.

Tip 3: Keep your alternator clean

Your alternator will slow down even die if it gets overheated. If there is dirt, dust or debris,which can cause a problem that air may not be getting to the alternator. So it's necessary to check the engine for any signs of dirt, dust or debris, then wipe it away if you see it.

Tip 4: Get a charging system test

when headlights are dimming When you notice the headlights are dimming,it’s vital to have a charging system test to avoid more bigger problems.

Tip 5: Replace a new alternator replacement when the stock alternator goes bad

When the alternator go out,it is very urgent to install a new one. Because electrical devices will attempt to draw power from the battery,which can cause the battery to die more quickly. Looking for high performance alternator replacement,that you can shop Hex Auto Parts. Also,all car alternators come with six-month warranty and good return policy.Keep your battery charged with a new alternator from HexAutoParts.Don't forget use coupon code HEXSX to save $5 when your alternator order is over $50!


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