Why Choose HexAutoParts Suspension Parts Control Arms?

November 13, 2023

Control Arms are the core of your front suspension system,and that allow up and down movement of the suspension.When the following problems occur in your car, it’s time to consider replacing the suspension kit.

-Steering Issues

When your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, or there is an inability to track straight, it’s time to check the suspension system.

-Shaking/Loose Steering Wheel

The shaking or loose steering wheel is the first noticeable sign of worn chassis system. You must confirm that the suspension kits work well.

-Strange Abnormal Noises Under Vehicle

If you always hear rattling or grinding noises from under your vehicle, especially when driving over bumps, there may be damage of control arms.

-Uneven Tire Wear

When the inside tire is excessively worn, it may be the reason that the suspension kits are damaged.

Why choose HexAutoParts Suspension Parts Control Arms?

Competitive Control Arm Price

Factory direct and no middleman,so our control arms with ball joints typically priced significantly less than OEM dealers.Almost everybody can afford to buy hexautoparts suspension parts,it helps save control arm with ball joint cost.

Super Material

Solid Steel Body: high strength,longer service life

Upgraded Bushings: decrease noise,deduce vibration

Hexautoparts control arm is made of high-quality materials, upgraded bushings, which are more stable and durable.

Easy to Install

Our control arm kit is direct control arm replacement, no need to change,fully in-situ installation.

Safer Driving

The abnormal driving noise is solved, the chassis noise is handled, and the steering wheel is easier to control.Brand new control arm not only makes your car safer on the road but also gives you a more pleasant and smoother driving experience.

No Tax No Core Charge

Sales tax is only charged to orders delivered to Texas residents. We are required to do this by law. There is no sales tax for orders shipped to other states. So you just spend a small amount of money and get high quality brand new control arm,which is much cheaper than you order on Ebay,Amazon or other auto parts online. Besides, Hexautoparts never makes you pay a core charge when you are paying. This policy can save you from the inconvenience of having to package and ship the core back.

You can always trust Hex Auto Parts. With HexAutoParts Suspension Parts Control Arms installed, resolved the signs of bad control arm immediately.

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