Selecting a Propeller Guide: How To Choose The Right Prop For Your Boat

December 7, 2023

Want to improve your boat’s watersports performance for tubing, skiing or wakeboarding? Have a damaged prop and look for propeller replacement but don’t know what size prop do you need for your boat ? Don’t worry, this article is here for you.


What Is A Prop On A Boat?

Boat Prop is the connection of the horsepower to the water. Like installing correct motorcycles tires on motorcycles,your boat also need proper prop to get best performance: handle high horsepower power from your engine, improves acceleration and top speed.


What Size Prop Do You Need For You Boat?

You will find all props for sale are described by two numbers, for example 13 x 19 prop. The first number is prop diameter and the second number is prop pitch.

-Boat Prop Diameter: Width of the circle made by the tips of the blades

-Boat Prop Pitch : Distance travelled by the propeller in one revolution

-Rotation: Right or left hand prop rotation

-Number of blades : Three blade propeller or four blade propeller

-Material: Aluminum boat prop or stainless steel propeller

-Other useful information: Manufacturer’s part number, the tooth of splines and the year, model of your boat are also important when select a right propeller.


3 Blade Propeller VS 4 Blade Propeller: Which is better ?

There is no correct answer for this question as it depends on your performance expectation, boat and motor set up. One thing is for sure every additional blade on a prop slows you down. It’s no doubt that four blade prop can pull better at low speeds and give you a better hole shot, however it has more drag and be marginally less efficient at higher speeds. All in all, three blade prop more efficient than four blade in acceleration, efficiency, lift and speed. A four blade prop, on the other hand, can boost acceleration, efficiency or lift, but at the cost of a lower top speed. That’s why three blade props are more popular than four blade.



Aluminum Boat Prop VS Stainless Steel Prop

The common material of boat prop is aluminum or stainless steel. The distinguished advantage of aluminum boat prop is its affordable price,which can save you much boat prop cost while stainless steel prop is more expensive. Here is a comparison of aluminum boat prop and stainless steel boat prop and some information to help you make a decision.


  Aluminum Boat Propeller Stainless Steel Propeller
Price Cheap Expensive
Long Life Durable More Durable
Repair Cost  Low High
Performance Good hole shot, outstanding top end speeds Better hole shot, higher top end speeds

boat propeller stainless steel vs aluminum

Buy Boat Prop Replacement On Hexautoparts

We stock three blade prop for sale fit Marine, Evinrude, Yamaha, Johnson outboards and more models. All prop replacements are aluminum boat prop whose price is inexpensive and affordable. Also, each prop order comes with propeller hub kit which is already installed within the propeller. So order best prop from   Hexautoparts   to save hundreds to thousands of dollars and optimize your boat performance.

Here is a quick list of our replacement prop: 

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Selecting a proper propeller is not a big headache for you as long as you gather as much information of your stock prop and boat data as possible. Hope you will benefit from this article. Never miss coupon code OB05 to enjoy 5% discount for your prop order on  Hex Auto Parts.

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