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New 12V 45LPM 12GPM Macerator Sanitation Waste Water Pump Toilet-RV Marine Boat


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  • Ideal solution for boats,, caravans/RV, and agricultural applications
  • Grinds solid toilet waste into small particles for easier discharge either overboard, in the case of marine applications, or into holding tanks on RV's
  • Shreds waste efficiently with high-speed rotary cutter
  • High performance and low energy consumption
  • Higher discharge capacity, empties a 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding tank in just 3 minutes
  • Higher efficient duty circle, 15-minute duty cycle lets you empty 180-gallon tank in a single operation
  • Self-priming to 5ft, lifts the waste solids and liquids up to the inlet of the pump
  • Features a premium impeller design and O-ring sealed end bells
  • High quality motor with a new seamless shell and splash proof design
  • Stainless steel shaft prevents corrosion and is resistant to chemicals
  • Easy connecting system , directly connects to sewage line or holding tank
  • Smooth operation
  • Ignition protected, and thermally protected
  • Compact size for convenient transportation and installation



  • 12V macerator pump
  • Inlet 1 1/2"- discharge 1
  • Size: 13.98" x 5.24" x 0.43"
  • Empty a 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding tank within 3 minutes with 12GPM flow rate?
  • Duty cycle: 15 minutes continuous which means a 180 gallon (680 liter) can be emptied in a single operation



  • This macerator pump unit is a compact and electrically powered waste elimination system. It is built to grind solid toilet waste into small particles for easier discharge (either overboard in the case of marine applications or into holding tanks on RV's). Self-priming up to 5ft, this pump will empty a typical 30 gallon (115 Liter) holding tank in less than 3 minutes. It is recommended that holding tanks be flushed with several gallons of water after each pump out to prevent potential blockage.