Single Acting 12V Hydraulic Power Unit For Dump Trailer 12V SAE #6

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  • Unit Type: Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Tank: Steel, 3.17 gallon horizontal or 12 Liters
  • System Relief valve: 2900 PSI


  • Brand new dump trailer power unit
  • Tank: Steel, 3.17 gallon horizontal or 12 Liters
  • All ports are #6 SAE O-ring boss
  • Motor: 2.0 hp, 12v, 2600 rpm, S3 Duty
  • Pressure = 17.5Mpa
  • Gear Pump: .128 Cu In/rev
  • System Relief valve: 2900 PSI
  • Solenoid Release Valve: 12VDC, NC
  • These units are high quality and are used in many OEM applications.
  • We have direct factory support for any questions or parts.
  • Remote: 2 Button, 3 lines, 10 feet-1/2
  • 21" total length
  • 8-1/2 height (if you include the fill port then total height is 9-1/2")

Maintenance And Notes:

Hydraulic Fluid:

  • ISO viscosity grades 22 to 46 are recommended. Anti wear, antifoaming & rust inhibitor additives are recommended.
  • For colder climates ATF can be used
  • In extreme cases Mil-5606 fluid can be used
  • Do not use synthetic, biodegradable or water base hydraulic fluids.
  • In most cases these fluids are not compatible with Buna O-rings. Please check fluid compatibility before use.
  • Tractor hydraulic fluid is not recommended. Most tractor hydraulic fluid has to high of a viscosity & may not be compatible with Buna O-rings.

Recommended Fluid Viscosity Specifications:

  • ISO Viscosity Grades 22-46
  • cSt @ 40°C 22-46
  • cSt @ 100°C 4-8

Recommended Fluid Maintenance:

  • Change hydraulic fluid after initial 100 hours of operation
  • Change hydraulic fluid every 3000 hours or 2 years there after
  • Check hydraulic fluid level regularly before operation
  • Fit-up dimensions are: 7-3/4"wide x 8-1/2"tall x 12-1/2" long (fill port is 1" tall on tank)