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100X Stepper Motor GM Chevy Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge X25.168 X27.168


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100X Stepper Motor GM Chevy Instrument Cluster Speedometer Gauge X25.168 X27.168

  • Quantity: 100 piece
  • These stepper motors are a direct replacement for the XC5.168、X15.168 commonly found in 2001-2006 General Motors instrument clusters.
  • The stepper motor is a patented stepping motor design, which has a 4 gears design construction in order to guarantee high efficiency,high position accuracy and a robust gear system .
  • The unique gear shape design reduces friction and noise.A special material is used for each component to increase liability & safety.
  • This new generation steppers that never fail is a direct replacement for the defective motors that are in your cluster now.
  • Replace part numbers: XC5.168, X15.168, X25.168, X27.168
  • Wide working voltage: 5~10V.
  • Low current consumption: less than20mA, 5V, 2X100mW.
  • Wide working temperature: -40~105°.
  • Extremely robust construction: Ф30mm X 7.6mm.
  • High μ-step resolution: 1/12°.
  • Directly driven by a μ-controller.
  • Notes:Installing these motors you need good soldering skills, professional equipment and electronic knowledge working with delicate PC boards. You the buyer are responsible for installation charges and any damages incurred from the installation of the stepper motors.

Hex AutoParts offer updated stepper motors X27.168, which apply for the XC5.168 and X15.168 faulty steppers commonly found in 2001 thru 2006 General Motors instrument clusters.If your Speedometer is experiencing any of the problems listed below, then these NEW UPDATED stepper motor will fix your problem. We do offer instructions on How to Change 2003-2006 GM Stepper Motors in Instrument Panel Cluster.

  • 1. Gauge dead
  • 2. Stickey gauges
  • 3. Gauges not reading correctly
  • 4. Needles peg out, and come back after it sets and then it only goes down 5 miles at a time when you turn the key on.