Side window deflectors,also called side window visors,window shades or rain guards.As name implies that,car side window deflectors can add personal touch and functional style.But some drivers wondered side window deflectors worth it,of course,the answer is yes.With window vent visors installed,for one thing,it could enhance your car’s appearance and bring a different and beautiful look;for another thing,the rain water couldn’t enter through the window opening as well as your eyes will be protected well from the sun in sunny weather.Also,side window visors can reduce wind noise while driving with windows open for fresh air.Shop hexautoparts good-looks and high-performance side window visors to let fresh air in and keep rain water out.Not until do you install window vent visors on your cars or trucks,you know how effective they are.So try to get best vent shade side smoke window deflector,you will have a more comfortable driving experience whatever rainy or sunny days.