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What is an ABS Sensor
2019-03-25 | Categories: How To Buy | Tags: abs sensor



What is an ABS Sensor

An ABS (Anti-lock Braking System ),is an improved safety system that provide enhanced vehicle control.Most vehicles on the market today such as BMW, Honda ,Chevy, Jeep and Ford has ABS as well as ABS Sensor. ABS Sensor (also called ABS brake sensor or the wheel speed sensor ) it is a sender device,which is used for reading the speed of a vehicle's wheel rotation.In general,it is made up of two components a toothed ring and pickup.


How does an ABS Sensor do?

Different cars will have different ABS sensor configurations.Older vehicles may have have one or two ABS brake sensors in total while for newer vehicles ,every wheel will have one wheel speed sensor.ABS speed sensors are installed at the wheel hubs of the vehicle(just like the above the picture). They convert the pulses created by the contact between the magnet and sensor ring through a coil attached to the sensor. This voltage is passed along to the controller and the controller counts the number of pulses to confirm wheel speed accordingly then evaluates whether the ABS system should intercede to control braking.

ABS Sensor Failure Symptoms: When You Need New ABS Sensor Replacement

Just like AC Compressor fails ,there are obvious signs of a problem with ABS sensor.

• The ABS Light coming on

• Decreased stopping time

• Less stability under slippery road conditions

Please keep in mind that the above three signs just indicates it is possible your ABS sensor is bad.Sometimes related components like bad wiring or connectors will also effect the signals of the transmission to engine control module.Hence,it’s very necessary to inspect related components and confirm the fault part before replacing new ABS sensor replacement.


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