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Pros and Cons of Using a RV cover For Winter
2019-11-24 | Categories: How To Buy | Tags: rv cover


A recreational vehicle, often known as RV, is a motor vehicle which is used for accommodating. The common types of RV include motorhome,travel trailer and camper trailer. There are different opinion about using a rv cover.

Pros and Cons of Using a RV Cover


- Prolong the finish of a RV

The main function of rv cover is to protect the RV from snow and dust. If you live on dirt streets or park your motorhome or camper trailer among the oak trees, and leaves, sticks, acorns even snow in the winter all fall on your roof. You should get up there at least once or twice a week to clean it off. Otherwise these stuff falling and sitting on the roof, clogging the gutters, and eventually rotting away on the top. If you don’t have time to clean regularly or leave here and won't be back until a few months,in this case,you need a rv cover to keep environmental fallout from coming down on your motorhome, travel trailer or camper trailer, especially in cold winter to prolong the RV finish. When in spring,you could remove the cover and your RV is as clean as when you put it away.

-Avoid scratch

Some drivers often complain that pedestrian or children will scratch his vehicle,RV is no exception. With RV Cover installed,there is no worry about any scratching on your RV.

-Insulate heat

As we all known,the in-car temperature is very high when the vehicle is under sunshine for sometime during summer. RV cover can lower the inside temperature of trailer and provide a comfortable environment.


-Donning and doffing the motorhome cover is a physical challenge

The difficulty of installing RV cover as far as putting in on and off. It is easier as a two-person job as one can feed it up from the ground and one on the roof pull and unfold. You could ask your family or neighbor for help and certainly not without any peril.

-Probably damage the finish on the walls

The motorhome covers rub as they blow in the wind and cause damage of their own. They do wear out because they are beaten up by the items and elements that are subjected while doing their job to keep the RV from these same items and elements. And you could choose rv cover replacement which has four straps on the button help to keep the cover in place in windy day. For example, Hex Auto Parts makes the best RV cover for winter and they are class a rv covers.

It appears it is a love-hate relationship, plus it seems the area of the country where you store has a lot to do with the decision. If you are most concerned with your paint getting buffed by the wind here causing the material flap against the roof and sides,you could soften the back corners with foam to ensure your motorhome cover has a longer life span. In fact any RV cover will not withstand sharp corners for too long of a period of time. Without the protection of waterproof rv covers, trapping moisture and causing mildew is also a big headache. All in all, RV covers are a better choice when cost and portability are preferred,comparing to garage-which has the disadvantages of cost to build,takes up a lot of room and it’s in a fixed location. Hex Auto Parts has the best RV cover for snow, which is made of waterproof and UV resistance non-woven fabrics and easy to cover or take down. Our RV cover replacement has top air vent to reduce wind lofting and inside moisture. So you don’t worry about mildew. By the way, they are perfect for all-weather condition whatever hot summer days or cold winter. Order now and get a Free Storage Bag!

Here is a quick list of our waterproof rv winter cover:

20-22 Foot Trailer Trailer 264"L x 105"W x 108"H RV Cover

22-24 Foot Travel Trailer 288"L x 105" W x 108"H RV Cover

30-33 Foot Travel Trailer 396"L x 105" W x 108"H RV Cover

33-35 Foot Travel Trailer 420"L x 105" W x 108"H RV Cover

35-38 Foot Travel Trailer 456"L x 105" W x 108"H RV Cover

Here are some helpful suggestion when you are using our travel trailer covers:

-Keep your RV is clean and dry before installing the trailer cover

-Install the new RV cover in a proper way according to the instruction(related reading RV Cover Replacement Installation Guide)

-Keep roof vents open a crack to allow air exchange