How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet - A Buying Guide to Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets
How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet - A Buying Guide to Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Once we started the road adventure on a motorcycle, the most important thing we should take consideration is choosing the best Motorcycle Helmets. Some riders are tempted to skip the helmet, but it is a safety precaution that all motorcyclists should take regardless of whether or not the law requires it.  There are a large number of helmet types on the market, how to select an appropriate helmet?

You may notice a Sportbike helmetlooks much different from a dirt bike or motocross helmet. Helmets designed for Sportbikes and cruisers are more round without the extended chin protection needed for dirt bike riding. Actually, the main type of motorcycle helmets include: Full Face,Dual Sport Helmets,Half Shell Helmets,Modular Helmets,Open Face Helmets


  • Full Face Helmets

A full face helmet is the norm for sportbikers. Full face helmets offer elite all-around protection with a solid chin bar and flip-up shield. These are the safest helmets.


  • Dual Sport Helmets

For riders who spend time both on and off road, there is the dual sport helmet that combines the necessary features of both types of helmets. These helmets feature vents that can be closed to help contain the heat that the off-road helmet lets escape.


  • Half Shell Helmets

The half shell helmet offers the least protection in an accident and only provides the minimum coverage allowable by most laws. Often called a "skull cap" or a "shorty," it really only covers the top of the head, stopping at the ears. Cruiser riders generally enjoy the breezy style in the Half Shell helmet. This is a minimalist helmet for the casual rider.


DOT Motorcycle Helmets Dual Sport Flip up Modular Motocross Full Face Helmet for Sale with M L XL Size


  • Modular Helmets

If you want an adventure touring, riders typically prefer Modular helmets which allow you to raise the face shield and some incorporate elements to raise the entire front of the helmet. A modular helmet is a good cross between a full-face helmet and a three-quarter shell. It is a two-piece unit with the base closely resembling the shape of the three-quarter shell.


  • Open Face Helmets

To select helmets, you should know what type of bike do you ride, and what will the helmet be used for?


Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings

DOT - The United States Department of Transportation sets a minimum standard level of protection for helmets.

ECE22.02 - The U.N. Economic Commission for Europe sets a standard level of protection for helmets in Europe.

Snell2010 - A non-profit in the United States founded after the death of Pete Snell, a sports car racer who died from head injuries.


How to Measure Your Helmet Size

Use a tape measure or a piece of string to measure around your head. The tape measure should rest just above your eyebrows and ears, which is the longest distance around your head. Make a note of the measurement in centimetres – this will be your normal helmet size. You can check your size here.

Picking the Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Can Be Easy in

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