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How to Choose Correct Motorcycle Tires
2020-11-04 | Categories: How To Buy | Tags: motorcycle tires

Motorcycle Tire is the connection between your motorcycles and ground.Your safety depends on not only your vehicle and the drivers around you but also depends on your selection of tires. .A good motorcycle tire has a great impact on riding safety, braking level and rider comfort.Taking the time to choose the right tires is just as important as choosing your motorcycle.

What Do The Numbers on Motorcycle Tires Mean?

The most important we need to know what the specifications of the tires are for your specific bike and how to match the specifications against those of the tires you are considering. Check your Tire Size Designation as follow: 120/70 17 73 H Tires

tire size.jpg

The first number 120 refers to the tire Section Width, 120 indicates the tire is 120mm wide at its widest point when installed and ready to ride. Measurement of the width of the tread, in a straight line from one side to the other. Almost always a three-digit number. 

The second number 70 refers to tire height, 70 indicates the tire’s sidewall aspect ratio; which is 70 percent as tall as measured as it is wide in this example. The lower the aspect ratio, the shorter the sidewall if section width remains unchanged.The higher the number, the taller the tire. Usually a two-digit number.

The third number 17 refers to Rim Diameter,17 indicates the wheel diameter in inches the tire is designed to fit. In this case a 17-inch wheel.

The four number 73 refers to the load rating, 73 indicates the load ranges about 805 lb.

The last number refers to the speed rating, In this case, H is the designated rating,which means the tire is suitable for speeds up to 130 MPH. Here is the common tire speed symbol.

motorcycle tire speed.png

tire speed rating chart

Best Replacement Tires on

-Most of motorcycle tires are H-Rated for speeds of 130+ mph

-Durable bias construction makes an affordable and long lasting motorcycle tire

-Dynamic tread patter and solid knob design provides exceptional traction and reduces tread squirm -

Specially formulated compound delivers superior traction while extending tread life

-Ready for all types of terrains,good for cross country,desert,hard pack,intermediate and rocky

It is recommended to change the tires of your motorcycle every five years. Buy the best replacement tires at Hex Auto Parts to find high quality discounted motorcycle tires. Score great deals like 5% off ( Use code: TIRE202 ) when you are paying. Hope you find a match for your ride in this motorcycle tire buying guide. Have further question about motorcycle tires? Contact us immediately! We never “tire” of talking to our customers!