How To Install John Deere Mower Belt Replacement ?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 166

Mower Belts,also called deck belts if it connects the blade shafts of the mower deck.The most popular mower belt is V belt,which is shaped like the letter "V" in cross section.No matter what type of belts are using,the main function is to transfer the torque from the engine to the transmission,then push the lawn mower forward and spin the blade to complete cut grass.


How To Change Brake Pads on ATV?

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Brake pads are critical in braking system,the friction between the brake pads and brake discs plus the tires and the ground make the kinetic energy convert into heat energy,then slow down your ATV or bring it to a stop.But atv brake pads don’t last forever and will wear out gradually because of daily use.


How To Replace Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

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Control Arms, sometimes called “A Arms”,are the core of your front suspensions system,which allows the wheels to move up and down . Control Arm connect the frame or body of a car to the assembly that holds a front wheel.


Why 1991-2011 Ford Ranger Won't Start And How To Choose A Ford Ranger Starter Replacement ?

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Though starter is a common failure point,when you experienced your ford ranger won’t start,is it time to replace a new ford ranger starter immediately? Definitely not.If you do not double check why your ford ranger won’t start before ordering,maybe a new ranger starter still haven’t fix your problem and it will cost you much time and effort to figure out.


How Much Does a 2003-2008 Chevy Silverado Starter Cost?

Publish on 2019-03-26 | 258

The Chevy Silverado, the successor of Chevy C/K lines,was introduced in 1998 then become very popular because of it’s good off-road performance,commendable maneuverability and high hauling and towing capacities.Recently,we found many Chevy Silverado owners reported starter problems with their trucks,which caused many inconvenience for their life even work.


2006 - 2011 Chevy HHR Lower Control Arm Replacement Guide: Upgrade Chevy HHR 2LT 2.4L A/T FE3 Suspension

Publish on 2019-03-25 | 356

The control arm allows the wheel to travel up and down over bumps and helps to position the wheel in the proper alignment and its bushings allow the control arm to pivot. The control arm bushings help to distribute impact force and absorb vibration. While, many defects of Chevy HHR suspension control arm caused by fatigue damage and bearing such as metabolic load,stress which would make the security of it reduced.


How To Repair : 2004-2009 Mazda 3 AC Compressor and Clutch Failure Cost Replacement

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We all know that ac compressor is the heart of the cooling system,if the air conditioner compressor is failing,it will be a big headache,especially in hot summer days. When facing a not working Mazda 3 ac compressor,what should we do ? This article will be helpful to those Mazda 3 2004-2009 car owners and get things ready.


How To Repair : 2003-2007 Honda CRV/Honda Accord Starter 2.4L Replacement Guide

Publish on 2019-03-21 | 1157

Starter Motor allows the engine to "start" and begin running. While, a faulty starter will result in a difficulty in starting the engine. We would like to share the repair guide for 2003-2007 Honda CRV Starter 2.4L Replacement.


How To Install Auto Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

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There is no doubt that Hubcentric Wheel Spacers play an important role for style and safety when you are building a custom ride. HexAutoParts offers Hubcentric Spacers kits that come with the correct length extended lug bolts to fit any make or model.This article is being written as a reference Auto Hubcentric Wheel Spacers installation guide only.


Top 7 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start? Is it the Battery, Alternator, Spark Plug or Starter Problem?

Publish on 2019-03-21 | 151

It is frustrating when your car won't start. You are turning the key and... nothing happens. Almost every car owner has experienced this. Is it the Battery, Alternator, Spark Plug or Starter Problem? Now, this article would help you know which step things go wrong, you will have a better idea why your car won't start and what to do.