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Car Window Visor Installation Guide ( Rain Guard Reviews Included)
2021-04-19 | Categories: Vehicle Maintenance Guide | Tags: window visor

Are window visors worth it?

Do you hate cracking a window when it's raining and having the water come it and get everything wet? If so, car window visor or window deflectors can solve your this trouble. Rain guards allow windows to be opened a bit, and not have rain water enter through the opening. Also,they can keep the wind from buffeting when you have a window slightly cracked open. All in all,car window visors can make driving with your windows down a much more pleasant experience and have great look than before with a small adjustment.


The window visor install is very easy,usually without any tools and are precision-engineered to fit your vehicle.

#1. Please clean the area of the car to be applied

#2. Remove the cover of the adhesive tape and make sure you slide the front tab under the side mirror housing first, then carefully slide the rest of the visor in place.

#3.Spent a few adjusting them to the right place,then attached them.

Car Window Visor Installation.jpg

Now, let’s enjoy super looks after installing Hexautoparts window visors for cars.

First of all, Acura TL Window Visor



Second, Honda Civic Window Visor

hondacivicwindow visors.jpgcivicwindow visor.jpg

These Mugen Style Window Visor reviews are come from our customers,

”Hey I got them on my car, Installed within minutes.They look amazing! More importantly,working great so far. Especially on these hot humid days we've been having lately. Same window visors elsewhere was 10-15 dollars more than you.Thank you,very pleased with this purchase.”

"These are nice window visors! They're made of an Acrylic material so they should last for the life of your vehicle. Window visors honda civic installation is simple, but take care to start from the front of the front window visors."

We are collecting window visor review and seek out honest feedback from our customers,you could post on Facebook,Youtube or Trustpilot to take an active part in our activity. Our window visors are made of high quality acrylic and reduce wind noise while driving with windows open for fresh air. All window visor orders are free shipping and come with Adhesive Tape. Order Now: Side Window Visor on

We also find some reviews mentioned being pain to install and windows not going up. Here are some important points to keep in mind before rain guard installation or when installing rain guards.

.Recommend installing on a cool day & out of direct sunlight to avoid the cleaning supply drying out. Always dry fight each part before installing any visor.

.Keep windows rolled up for first day to help seal the adhesive better.

.Cold weather required roasted hot air gun and then paste the double-sided adhesive glue viscosity can play.

.Please don't make the adhesive tape be dirty when you install it,if be dirty,please tear off the original adhesive, and replace the new adhesive.

.Do not touch water for 2-3 days after installation. To avoid loss of stickiness.

Read this car window visor installation guide on here to get the installation right before you install. Hope you have no issues whatsoever installing rain guards and windows go up just fine immediately after installation.